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Welcome to Communicatorlink - Human Connections to other Worlds

Communicatorlink offers support for experiencers, abductees and contactees

Communicatorlink a support, information and research network for first-hand experiencers of:

  • contact with alien/extraterrestrial species (sightings, communication and interaction)
  • other anomalous experiences, which are sometimes related to those above

Our aim is to assist us all to gain a better understanding of these events, which may change our civilisation in the future.

Communicatorlink is staffed by people who have experienced contact, supported those experiencing contact, or researched alien contact. 

We also promote and facilitate linking contactees, abductees and experiencers worldwide, thus creating our own “communicator” research and support network to exchange information and explore our experiences within a safe and confidential support environment.

 You can contact us by email, phone, Skype or mail, if you wish to discuss your experiences with us.  (See our Privacy Policy).


 Contact with alien species may include:

  • contactees’, abductees' and experiencers' accounts of contact
  • flash-backs, detailed or fragmented memories, “dream-like” memories of contact
  • extrasensory perceptions associated with these contacts: telepathy, precognition, clairaudence, remote viewing, unusual visualizations or visual abilities
  • descriptions of telepathy and/or telepathic “downloads” of information into a person’s mind by alien entities
  • teleportation / time travel / levitation / missing time / time anomalies
  • use of, or observation of advanced “conscious” technology
  • physical passage through solid objects such as walls or doors
  • bi-location of human consciousness and perception
  • healing methods / "medical-type" technology / spontaneous healing
  • physical evidence

 Other kinds of anomalous contacts or experiences which may occur in conjunction with those above may include:

  • spirit / ghost /ball of light contact or interraction
  • out-of-body experiences / soul experiences / evidence of reincarnation or life-between lives
  • astral travelling / near death experiences
  • past or future life recall
  • extrasensory perceptions