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The Extraterrestrial Contact Phenomenon, by Robert L. Salas


The Extraterrestrial Contact Phenomenon

 Robert L. Salas


Robert Salas served on active duty with the U.S. Air Force for seven years after graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1964. He earned a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.  He also worked with the Titan III Missile Systems program office at Los Angeles AFS. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1971, Mr. Salas briefly worked as an engineer for Martin-Marietta Aerospace and Rockwell International. From 1974 until his retirement in 1995, Mr. Salas worked for the Federal Aviation Administration as an aircraft structures engineer.  He is currently employed as a mathematics teacher. He has authored two books on the UFO phenomenon: Faded Giant (2005) and Unidentified - The UFO Phenomenon (2014). Mr. Salas has spoken publicly about the 1967 UFO/Missile Shutdowns since 1996.


 I had an experience in 1985, the reality of which I cannot deny to myself or anyone From what information I have been able to recall, I can only describe the experience as phenomenal and inexplicable in rational terms. 

Briefly, I was asleep in bed one evening with my wife at my side and two small children in their rooms, when I suddenly awoke. I looked toward our bedroom doorway and noticed a glow of light that seemed to come from our living room. I immediately woke my wife and she confirmed that she too saw the light.  Concerned that we could have an intruder in the house, I told her I would investigate.  However, as I turned to get out of bed, I found that I could not move.  I was paralyzed from the head down.  I remember struggling desperately to regain some mobility but without success.  I turned my head to ask my wife for her help.  To my surprise, she was now unconscious and did not respond.  I watched helplessly as the light, a strange and misty-blue color, seemed to be getting brighter and entering our room.  Suddenly, a figure appeared at the doorway.  I could not make out specific facial features but the figure was wearing what appeared to be a hood.  I also sensed that there were now others in the room.  Next, I recall floating off the bed and being taken toward our bedroom window.  I specifically recall that I had locked that window and did not think these individuals would know how to unlock it.  As I think back now on my thoughts at that point, I must have concluded at the time that they were either child-like or non-human.  As it turned out, it did not matter.  The window was not opened as I was taken through the window.

 My next recollection is that of being inside a simple room and lying on a sort of level surface.  I was shown a long (10-12 inch) needle-like object.  I was told (non-verbally) that they were going to insert this object in my groin area.  I was told it would not be painful.  However, as they began to insert this needle, I felt extreme pain. As I was communicating this to them, the pain immediately dissipated. After further procedures and examination, I recall being returned through a sort of tunnel back to my home.

The next morning, there was no recollection of the incident or any discussion about it with my wife.  The memory of it was obscured or suppressed by me (or them). About eight years ago, long after I had publicly disclosed my UFO incident involving the shutdown of nuclear missiles and I had researched many other UFO incidents and spoken to other contact experiencers, some of the memories of that night began to emerge.  In my own mind, I tried to deny that I too could have been taken.  Even within the community of people who are convinced the UFO phenomenon is real, there is still a rejection by some of the reality of the contact phenomenon. It was not until my wife voluntarily confirmed that she too had seen the strange blue light enter our bedroom that night in 1985 that I could no longer deny to myself that the incident had indeed occurred.  Other details, such as recalling the physical struggle in trying to overcome the paralysis and the extreme pain I felt during the insertion of that needle, have also helped convince me of this reality. 

Recognizing that this and probably other incidents have occurred does not help in the understanding of what they are doing with so many people and for what purpose.  I have listened and spoken to other experiencers who have recovered details of their contact experiences and there seems to be a common core of information.  Here is a listing of what I think appears to be common to many of these experiences:best replica watches

  • Their parents or relatives had been taken or had a significant paranormal event.
  • They were taken at a young age. If taken as children, they were instructed in some sort of paranormal skill, such as telepathy or telekinesis. 
  • Women and girls were impregnated and carried hybrid fetuses. Many were later shown their hybrid children and asked to express their love for the child.  Semen is taken from men.  They too are later shown their developing hybrid children and asked to express love for them.  
  • Small objects are implanted in various parts of the body. They return with scars or puncture marks on their body.
  • They return with psychic or paranormal skills of varying degree.
  • They return with a sense of needing to accomplish some mission or purpose as a result of their experience. 

Of course it is tempting to draw conclusions as to what all of this means - to try to define the scope, methods or objectives of their activities.  I have concluded ‘they’ are extraterrestrial beings that are much more advanced in their evolutionary process than we are.

 Two other parts of the core experience that need to be further explored are: the obscuring of memories, and, the messages given to us by them.  Some are told that their memories of their experience will be obscured until the right time.  Another possible reason is that they think we can only handle so much of the truth at one time and that the true nature of the phenomenon will be revealed piecemeal. 

Some are given messages of potential disasters for humans in the future, if we do not change our behaviors between ourselves and with our planet. In my case, one reason I was taken may well have been to emphasize to me the need for humanity to focus on the nuclear weapons issue. In 1967, while serving as a nuclear missile launch officer in the U.S. Air Force at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, I had a significant UFO encounter. On March 24, 1967 while a UFO hovered over our Launch Control Center, all ten of my missiles were mysteriously disabled. I certainly attribute the loss of operational status of these missiles to the presence of the UFO and I have presented substantial evidence to validate this incident. Much of that evidence is presented in my book, Faded Giant (Klotz and Salas). Further research on this incident revealed that UFOs were also involved in the disabling of an additional ten missiles at another site about a week earlier. In addition, there have been many other incidents involving UFOs at nuclear weapons facilities. Some of those are documented in my book, Unidentified - The UFO Phenomenon. 

In 1985 I was not thinking of going public with my Air Force incident. I had signed a security oath never to speak about that incident. In addition I had no memory of my contact experience immediately afterward it occurred. However, in 1994, as a result of a fortunate sequence of circumstances, I was able to finally speak publicly about my military experience. Whenever I present this to an audience, I have always fervently emphasized the need to abolish all nuclear weapons. It may well be that my commitment to this cause of nuclear weapons abolition was initiated by my experience as a missile officer and then re-energized during my contact experience. 

The overarching concept at work in this phenomenon appears to be the evolution and survival of life forms on earth, the health of our earth, and by extension, the evolution of the human species as the caretakers of earth and all living things on our planet.  Clearly, the variety of life and understanding what each life form has to offer in intellect and knowledge is priceless. The symbiosis of these life forms with others must equally be invaluable.  Our extra-terrestrial visitors must know this and may have taken on the task of literally trying to nurture all life on our planet.  However, this is but one of many possible objectives they may have. 

As I write this, I can look up at a print of a C.M. Russell painting hanging on my wall that depicts the first meeting between the Lewis and Clark expedition and a tribe of Native Americans somewhere on the plains of Montana.  To me, this painting shows the completion of a circle that began when our ancient humanoid ancestors first started to leave Africa.  Those early humans diversified by natural selection, environmental and social factors.  Russell’s painting essentially shows a meeting of humans connected only by genetics.  There were some similarities but there were also obvious differences.  Over the millennia, some subtle genetic differences had developed, such as displayed in physical appearance.  And, of course there were significant social, moral and religious differences.  The scene shows the excitement over the recognition of a major event in the lives of everyone there.  Instinctively, everyone knew this was an opportunity to observe and learn about a strange and very different tribe of the human family.  The sum of their ‘differences’ had already produced prejudices.  Lewis and Clark had brought with them a message from “The Great Father in Washington.”  It essentially said that they and all other tribes of natives were now subject to the rule of the government of the United States.  The natives were considered by the government of the United States to be ‘unequal and separate’ citizens.

 Hundreds of years have now passed since that time and there have been many social changes, however problems with acceptance and discrimination of peoples because of their differences continue throughout the world.  We seem to still lack the necessary skill and understanding to work together to live in synchronicity with ourselves and other living things on our planet.

 If Extraterrestrial beings have been traveling the galaxy for many thousands of years, they certainly would have found other life forms that were in various stages of evolution.  What then would they do when they encountered them?  Would they involve themselves in that evolutionary process or would they allow it to continue, undisturbed?  We need look no further than our human history with our own and other species to see how we responded.

 As we learn to confront the reality of the extraterrestrial presence we should reflect well on our own past and how we will respond to our first open meeting with our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.  That day may come soon, and for many, it is has already occurred.

Robert L. Salas

June 2014