The Dual Soul Connection addresses spirituality, consciousness and alien culture alongside scientific, advanced physics and “conscious” technology, all within the framework of alien contact.

The Duel Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement

The Dual Soul Connection uniquely combines details of Suzy Hansen’s life-long encounters with extraterrestrials, with scientific commentary by Dr Rudy Schild.

The Dual Soul Connection addresses issues of spirituality, consciousness and alien culture alongside scientific concepts of advanced physics and organic “consciousness” – 3D technology, all within the framework of alien contact.

Significantly, the book outlines complex alien education programmes that assist and advance humankind, and Suzy’s experience of a dual soul identity central to this positive agenda.

The Dual Soul Connection highlights out interconnectedness with a wider universal family, revealing a process of disclosure by the aliens themselves – a journey of unfolding contact that the whole of mankind is undertaking together.

Uncovering a Co-reality

Developing mind abilities onboard craft in childhood.

My other-worldly communications with souls and spirits began in childhood and these experiences, coupled with the ability to see energy fields, communicate telepathically with animals, and other so-called “paranormal” abilities (which were perfectly “normal” to me), often made life lonely for me as a child.  I felt I had a different awareness of many things, and I was not able to share my perceptions with my peers for fear of ridicule and isolation.

Running parallel to these experiences in childhood were repeated dream-like memories – recollection of being in some kind of “school” where pale creatures taught me how to use the power of my mind to communicate non-verbally, create objects in thin air, and manifest images in holographic form.  These memories seemed like reality to me, more so than anything else I did in everyday life.

I often awoke at night to see glowing childlike figures beside my bed, inviting me to accompany them, and at that very moment my mind would go blank until I found myself bidding them goodbye.  In my child’s mind, the two visitations, “dream-like” and physical reality, seemed separate, and it was not until my early adult years that I considered they may be one and the same – and real occurrences.  These vivid memories were persistent, like some “background life” taking place alongside my everyday human existence, and it was ever-present.

Wake-up Calls

In 1975 at the age of twenty, a traumatic encounter with a huge orb of light on a lonely country highway and the associated missing time became a wake-up call, catapulting me into UFO sighting research.  In 1978 I moved to a remote area of New Zealand’s North Island, north of the city of Gisborne, where a three-year-long “UFO flap” was occurring from which New Zealand’s first accounts of contact with the “Grey” alien species emerged.

My experiences of missing time accompanied by bright lights that engulfed our house, incapacitating buzzing sounds and temporary physical paralysis (not to be confused with “sleep paralysis”), along with detailed memories of unusual rooms and phenomenal technology, increased dramatically.

Over a period of years, I methodically pieced together information from a variety of sources that indicated I was experiencing contact with other-worldly entities, known to most of us now as extraterrestrials, aliens, off-world intelligences, or non-human entities.  But at that time, I was afraid for my safety.  What was the purpose of these events?  I wondered often about how I should go about examining these ongoing recollections.


As a result, for over twenty years I took an investigative approach to examining my memories for possible explanations, searched for corroborative, anecdotal, or scientific data and evidence, and noted similarities discovered through research and meeting other experiencers.  Over this time, the extent of my conscious memories of contacts with non-human entities progressively increased, with details of environments, technology, activities, and species onboard craft, as well as clear recollection of visits to underground and undersea bases occupied by both alien species and humans.  Fear turned to curiosity, and then understanding.  I developed a strong commitment to the contact phenomenon and to sharing only my consciously recalled, pure memories of experiences thus far, through public speaking at meetings and conferences.

However, this was all about to change when I awoke one morning in 2005 with the intense and inexplicable desire to seek regressive hypnosis on some of the more scantly recalled contact experiences.  It was as if I had somehow been briefed overnight on what I must do, and within five days I had flown to another country and was about to further examine this co-reality, from which there would be no turning back.  As before, I took an investigative approach to the regression material, seeking corroborative data and input from the scientific community.  The idea of writing a book about my encounters, which I had thought about for some years, was about to became both a daunting and a challenging reality.

In 2011, I sent Dr. Schild some of my information and he offered to contribute to the book with footnotes, commentary and a scientific epilogue.  We both believe it is important to bridge the gap between science and experiencers’ material, and Rudy is to be commended for his open-minded commitment to our partnership of discussion and examination.

Discovering a Dual Soul Identity

It is through my life-long relationships with alien species, specifically with a Grey species and their associates, that I have come to understand the deeper soul connections we have with each other as humans, and with the aliens themselves.  I discovered not only a parallel life or co-reality occurring during nocturnal visits onboard their craft, but also a dual soul status – the reality that I entered this life with a soul formed of two distinct soul identities, “alien” and “human”, both capable of manifesting independently and cooperating simultaneously.

I describe working on the craft in a Grey form, and manifesting as a ball of light.  The Dual Soul Connection outlines the necessary steps involved in preparing for this life through a soul enhancement and education process that constitutes the dual soul.  For me, this included meeting the soul of my future son in the form of a ball of blue light when I was eight years old, and experiencing a “soul-insertion” procedure at the age of twenty-eight, when this same soul-light entered my body and that of its host baby’s body for the first time.

All of this took place under the guidance of alien species, and a Universal Governing Body (UGB) of wise souls associated with soul incarnations on our planet.  Thousands of humans are involved in a joint soul-alien venture to uplift and upgrade humanity through this unique combination of intelligences.

“This dual soul connection – how it evolved and how it functions – is a major revelation in understanding of the nature of life and humanity, and is the key point of this book.” (Dr. Schild

The dual soul factor is closely aligned with the “Three Waves”, a programme the Greys first told me when I was a young child of eight years, involving volunteer souls progressively called from the Field of Consciousness to lead lives on our planet, assisting mankind at this time of spiritual awakening and transition.

Through the Greys’ complex, multi-layered education programmes for souls and humans, I gained knowledge of their culture, genetics capabilities, advanced light technology, modes of telepathy, and their aspirations concerning disclosure of their presence here.  The varied encounters I describe in The Dual Soul Connection are pieces of my own personal puzzle of alien contact, but when combined with the “puzzles” of other experiencers, and those which have yet to surface, the evidence for human contact with off-world intelligences, I believe, will be undeniable and overwhelming.

There are multiple issues of grave importance facing mankind at this time in our planetary evolution, however I believe it is our collective realisation that we are not alone in the universe that will be the turning point for humanity, the greatest revelation.  This more than anything will challenge us to reassess who we are and where we have come from, and it will define our course into the future.

However, change brings its own problems, and a combination of societal chaos and disintegration, wars, earth and climate changes are warnings we must heed if we are to survive.  The dual soul factor and the implementation of the positive Three Waves Agenda it represents, facilitated by extraterrestrial species to assist us through turbulent times, are integral parts of our civilisation’s movement towards higher awareness and evolution – if we are willing.

“Suzy Hansen’s book, with its clear empirical approach gives the fullest description of how this off-planet civilization seeks to prepare us for contact, and answers the “why” question by describing in detail the “how”.  I feel privileged to have been part of the effort, and want to assure you that the book is a masterpiece.”  (Dr. Schild)