A hurdle experiencers of alien contact have to face, is others questioning whether what has happened to them is real.

What Constitutes ‘Evidence’ in the ET Contact Phenomenon?


Suzy Hansen © 2018

What is ‘acceptable’ evidence?

 A hurdle almost every experiencer of alien/extraterrestrial contact has to face at one time or another, is others questioning whether what has happened to them is real – let alone even possible.  This doubt can feel even more uncomfortable if you are also struggling to come to terms with the high-strangeness of your day-to-day life.  While some experiencers (and abductees) remain mired in uncertainty for years, others may have had the kind of experiences that engender a stronger measure of self-belief, all the more convincing when you discover others who have shared similar circumstances and memories.  That unshakeable degree of personal proof becomes a life-line, even though it is rarely demonstrable to others in terms of ‘acceptable evidence’ or contemporary scientific interpretations.  There are no textbooks or rule books.  We can only offer our personal testimony.

 For decades, ‘communicators’ of ET contact (ie contactees, abductees, and experiencers) have often faced derision and disbelief because of the sci-fi nature of many of their accounts, and the public, including many in the UFO/contact fields of research, has demanded tangible evidence of these alleged experiences with extraterrestrials and multi dimensional beings – a classic complaint being that as yet, no one has taken a photo while onboard or brought back an object from a craft.  Communicators know very well why this is of course, given their knowledge of altered states and ET vigilance.

 It is a natural human response for people to demand evidence in support of claims and assertions, especially when those claims and statements are sometimes controversial, tenuous, extra-ordinary, or fall outside of what is familiar territory to the recipient.  There are a number of forms of standard evidence, only some of which are acceptable in courts of law, however there are four main categories to consider when examining an issue or seeking to support claims:-

Analogical evidence

Allows the explanation of phenomena by comparing them to something that is already known, a common metaphor.  It helps people to see causal connections between new ideas or perspectives, but it rarely provides hard proof.  For example, in terms of alien contact, sceptics have used sleep paralysis as a comparison to provide supportive evidence of their belief that the paralysis experienced by abductees/experiencers is not related to contact scenarios, but is a common sleep disorder.

Statistical evidence

Consists of data, summaries and models about phenomena and trends.  Statistics from various sources may differ or conflict, and unless reports from multiple sources are presented, the evidence can confuse the public if weighted heavily in one direction.  Generalised statistics gathered from communicators at this present-day stage of the contact phenomenon run the risk of being tainted by the decades of claims, theories and tantalising scenarios put forward by researchers and contact experiencers alike.

Testimonial evidence

Presents an established or trustworthy ‘authority’ to validate credible citations and sources.  The testimony of credible experts or human subjects can strengthen the argument however details about the people providing this testimony are essential; credentials alone should not establish the fact we should accept their testimony without question.  One expert isn’t sufficient to establish a claim and many experts disagree on issues.  Some researchers in the contact field claim to be ‘experts’ in this complex subject and their often flimsy theories are sometimes automatically given credibility and acceptance without critical examination and discernment of the data they present.

Anecdotal evidence

Is generally grounded in personal or secondary experience, providing a few best/specific examples all of the same type, general nature, or structure, yet it is seen to provide only weak support for an argument.  Unfortunately, accounts by communicators invariable fall into this category, providing anecdotal evidence, often similar in nature, but unproven nevertheless.

But what if anecdotal evidence from communicators is so specific and detailed in nature that it becomes both corroborative and empirical (supported by scientific research evidence)?  Could this alter public perception and acceptance both within and outside of the UFO fraternity?

A chance meeting

In 1993, during a contact experience onboard a craft, of which I retained full memory, I had a chance meeting and telepathic communication with a Grey-human hybrid.  His presence was awe-inspiring, and before he disappeared into another room I asked him if he had any advice he could offer to me for my future.  His response was a single thought-concept: corroboration.  At first I was a little disappointed with this – perhaps I had expected something immediately life-changing – but as time went by and I retained more extensive memories of my contacts, I realised the significance of this simple word.

For years I have sought other communicators who have had similar experiences (showing established patterns) and have found many, but as the saying goes ‘the devil is in the detail’, and meeting others who can describe specific technology or equipment they have used or observed on craft that exactly matches my own memories, has been more difficult.  It is relevant to note here that some of the alien technology I used on craft over twenty years ago has since appeared in less advanced/sophisticated forms in our own technology over recent years.

Looking inside the body

 One example of the kind of specific technology I am referring to is a piece of medical apparatus I first observed on a craft in 1978.   It was a dark metallic-looking rectangular object with a handle on one end, and on its underside were rows of square red and white lights that emitted a glow or beam of light that shone on my body. As I lay on a shelf-bed, the entity present used the hand-held device to scan over my body, causing a tingling electric feeling. He informed me the technology was gathering comprehensive information about my physiology, sending data and images to a computer for analysis. I understood from him that the technology could somehow ‘see inside the body’ although I did not raise myself up on my elbows to witness it on this occasion.

The hand held scanner as seen by the author.

My child was born by caesarean section, and the Grey assigned to me wished to examine affected abdominal tissue.  In my book, The Dual Soul Connection”, I stated:

“The male Grey attending to me activated the scanning technology and immediately data began appearing on a screen. … a circular scanner revealed the abdomen was fine.”

Later the same year I took part in a learning activity on a craft, along with twenty three other humans.  We were introduced to images created by this technology, drawn from a database of scans taken of humans brought onboard the craft for physiological/healing purposes. We were taught to analyse human health problems from the resulting images using a combination of consciousness and technology, which enabled us to ‘enter’ the 3-D imagery or holograms projected from the computer system.  The images, which hung in the air in front of us, could be rotated in any direction, and ‘sliced’ as in modern-day fMRI imagery (but remember, this was in 1978).  The images showed vascular systems, organs, bone structures, etc, and I was enthralled by the incredible functional capabilities of this medical technology and its potential for our civilization.

Corroborative evidence

My memories of this technology seemed unbelievable at the time, and it is easy for communicators to sometimes doubt their recall given the magical nature of some of the technology and environments we describe.

In June 2017, I spoke at the Alien Cosmic Expo Conference in Toronto, Canada, where the first day of the conference was set aside for experiencers/abductees to confidentially discuss issues and experiences relevant to them.  Around mid-morning a gentleman named Steve Boucher took the microphone to describe a contact experience that occurred for him in 1971.  Part-way through his account, he described a hand-held medical scanning instrument used on him by the occupant of a landed craft.  Steve and I later discussed the technology in detail, and it was a revelation for us both to be able to describe a piece of alien medical equipment so exactly.

Steve was interviewed about his contact event, which he calls ‘the van incident’, back in 1982 by members of CUFORN (Canadian UFO Research Network), and the research appeared in the CUFORN Bulletin, Vol. 3, No. 5, Oct-Nov, 1982 (in which he was referred to with the pseudonym ‘Jack’).

In the CUFORN Bulletin, Steve stated:

“One of the aliens picked one (of the instruments) up, which looked like the handle of a contemporary telephone. It was all black.  He tried to demonstrate it to me.  He placed it against his arm, which was covered by his sleeves.  I could see through the sleeve and into his arm.  All I could see was the faint outline of what looked like a bone.  There was a light coming from the entire side of the tool, which seemed to act like an X-ray.  Then he shone the light device against my arm.  I could see inside my arm.  This was my right arm.  There was no pain.  I could see my muscles and veins and I could see what my pulse was like as the blood pumped into the veins.”

Steve also described to me how he felt a tingling sensation as the light shone on his arm.

Surgery in an alien hospital

This scanning technology was used on me again in 1983 and 1996 to assess health problems, however on these occasions much larger versions of the apparatus were used: circular discs positioned on the ceiling (or sometimes embedded in a wall), or on a movable extension arm suspended from the ceiling.  Beams of energy or light frequency shone down onto the body, expanding into any shape to encompass the entire body, or contracting to form a smaller circle over a specific area.  On these occasions I did not notice the tingling sensation associated with the hand-held version.

The first scan took place in 1983, just seven weeks after the birth of my first child.  I was taken onboard a craft and joined thirteen other women, all of whom had recently given birth.  While a room full of Greys observed our babies making first communications with Grey infants, we mothers were taken to a medical area where physical check-ups were carried out.

My child was born by caesarean section, and the Grey assigned to me wished to examine affected abdominal tissue.  In my book, The Dual Soul Connection”, I stated:

“The male Grey attending to me activated the scanning technology and immediately data began appearing on a screen. … a circular scanner revealed the abdomen was fine.”

In 1996, I contracted A-typical pneumonia.  During this time I was taken onboard a craft with my son, where I was again scanned with this technology and received healing. I stated:

“The two Greys moved a large disc-shaped piece of apparatus suspended on an extension arm, over the bed and activated it.  Immediately, this phenomenal scanning technology created a clearly defined circle focused on my torso, encompassing everything from collarbone to thigh. I raised my head to get a better look inside my body. There within the circle was my skeleton!  Everything else – organs, tissue, muscles etc – within that circle had become invisible, while the extremities of my body and nightclothes outside of the circle were as normal. One of the entities touched a screen and this adjustment enabled them to see only my organs now.  There I was, raised on my elbows and forearms, watching my organs pumping and twitching.  Various further adjustments revealed tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons, the vascular system, and so on.  My son thought it was hilarious to view his mother like this.”  The Greys used a touch screen to alter the focus of the scan.

Shining the light on veins

Evena Medical’s Smart Glasses technology

Vein-viewer Technology

In 2013, while writing my book, I came across a news article that was a revelation to me because of its similarity to the alien technology I had seen on craft.  In November 2013, a US company, Evena Medical, launched their new smart glasses, incorporating multispectral 3-D imaging, to allow medical staff to ‘see through’ a patient’s skin to the vascular beneath enabling precise placement of IVs into veins.  The glasses use near-infrared light reflection to highlight deoxygenated hemoglobin in the patient’s veins and capture the images with cameras.  Transmitted images can be stored allowing documentation of the procedure.

A company called Luminetx introduced a free-standing device called Veinviewer in 2006, and Accuvein introduced a product called Accuvein in 2008.  Both devices use near-infrared light reflection to create a map of the veins, which is then projected as a real-time HD image of the veins, onto the surface of the skin.  In 2011 Christie Medical Holdings launched their first portable hand-held vascular imaging device with reduced size and battery operation.  Since 2011 a number of similar hand-held portable scanning devices have been produced.


The similarities between the alien real-time scanning technology Steve and I observed in the 1970s and our own scanning technology developed over recent years are obvious.  Real-time digital projection technologies such as I have seen on craft are in the pipeline; we can expect to see advances on the digital scans of cadavers used by medical schools and professionals at present.  The Anatomage table used to teach human anatomy to medical students (http://www.anatomage.com/portfolio-item/anatomage-table/) comes close to the technology I used on a craft in 1978 to in analyse human medical conditions.

However these upgrades in our technology cannot as yet match the holographic imagery of human physiology I was fortunate to use on that occasion– but it will happen.  Imagine a medical specialist being able to see into the body to investigate a health issue, and being able to isolate the exact part of the anatomy without invasive exploratory and surgical procedures.

Alien intervention in our technological advancements?

Steve Boucher and I can clearly corroborate each other’s observed versions of this advanced alien scanning technology, but at those times, the 70s-90s, no such technology had been developed, or at least made public, in our own civilization.

Questions arise from this:

  1. Unless we had actually been onboard alien craft and communicated with alien entities, how could Steve and I (neither of us scientists) know details of technology not even produced by humans at that time, which is now in production – albeit in less sophisticated forms?
  2. How could I have known specific details of analytical medical procedures using advanced scanning technology and holographic projections in 1978, which we are only just beginning to develop and envision in our medical technology?
  3. Are humans following some standard universal path of technological discovery involving advanced physics? Or have we received ‘help’ from alien groups, from back-engineered captured alien craft, technology exchanges, or the implantation of ‘ideas’ into human minds by the aliens?
  4. Will specific and detailed corroborative technological evidence from experiencers, validated by present-day scientific developments, become ‘acceptable evidence’ to the wider populace that many contact experiencers, in particular the nuts-and-bolts variety, have come face-to-face with visitors to our planet?

And finally, will scientists eventually listen to, learn and create from experiencers’ descriptions of further technologies, particularly those that use consciousness as their mode of operation?  The benefit to mankind could be incalculable.


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Suzy Hansen, NZ, author, UFO researcher & sighting investigator, experiencer



Author of: “The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”, available on Amazon.