“Looking up, I saw a bright cylindrical object.  I thought to myself, this is going to be massive news, and instantly knew it was something not from Earth.”

The Muriwai Beach Encounter

A Daytime Sighting of a White Cylindrical Object leads to Paranormal/Contact Experiences


Suzy Hansen © 2016


During 2011-2016, a significant number of UFO sightings of large silver/white cylindrical objects have occurred in New Zealand.  Witnesses described tubular, torpedo, or cigar-shaped cylinders with rounded ends, sometimes surrounded by a white or blue-green glow, or with flashing blue-green lights and a single red light on the under-surface.  Several witnesses reported daytime sightings of the objects emerging from unusual clouds that initially formed around a large bright light.

The subject of this account, Lisa Goldsack, is an advanced medic, and is currently completing a Paramedicine degree.  As a paramedic, Lisa deals with emergency situations where practical observational, analytical, and decision-making skills are vital to save lives.  Lisa is also a member of the Auckland Astronomical Society, and a member of NZ’s volunteer Fire Brigade Service.

A multiple witness sighting

On Tuesday 6 January, 2014, at 10:27 a.m., 47 year old Lisa was driving towards Muriwai Beach, a long and relatively remote beach situated west of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

Lisa reported:

“The weather was fine and clear with no wind, with only two small clouds visible in the sky.  I was driving in a 100 kmh zone on SH 16/Kaipara Coast Highway, going to Muriwai Beach, when I rounded a corner and saw about six cars in front of me, all travelling slowly.  Several cars stopped and people got out, staring and pointing at the sky.  Looking up, I saw a large bright white cylindrical object had appeared out of nowhere in the sky, clearly visible above the two clouds, but at a higher altitude and further distant.  I thought to myself, this is going to be massive news, and instantly knew it was something not from Earth.  I pulled over into a driveway and observed.  A car coming from the opposite direction also pulled over and a man got out and took photos of the object.  I tried to get his attention but neither he nor his passenger acknowledged my presence the whole time I was there.  At first the object was directly up in front of me and when I lined it up with a tree, I saw it was hovering and not moving; then it changed direction and moved out above the Kaipara Harbour.  It was completely silent and massive, much larger than an airliner, but without wings or tail – like a long cigar-shape glowing bright white metallic (emitting light rather than reflecting sunlight).  I tried to take photos with my phone but later discovered the object did not show up in the first two photos, and appeared as a blurry shape in the third.  I watched the object for what felt like only seconds, but the time on my phone indicated I was there for around four minutes, after which the object just literally “disappeared” from the sky.”

While attempting to take photographs of the object, Lisa was distracted by what she described as a small dark metallic object that flashed in front of her and around the other witnesses, just seconds before the cylinder disappeared.  At this point, everybody got back into their cars and continued on their journeys.  In retrospect, Lisa thought this was unusual considering they had all just witnessed a UFO sighting.  One might expect they would briefly talk about the event to each other, look at the digital photos they had captured, discuss possible media involvement, and perhaps exchange contact details before leaving the vicinity.  This “high strangeness” continued, because as Lisa drove away, she instantly forgot about the incident as she continued on to Muriwai Beach.  She later wondered if the small metallic object had played a part in her apparent temporary memory loss and the fact the witnesses departed without any communication with each other.  The sighting was not reported in the media, and she speculated that the other witnesses may have “forgotten” the incident too, and their photos may also have been indistinct, or they were simply afraid of derision.

Paranormal events

Map of Muriwai Beach with Lisa’s route in red

 Lisa arrived at the entrance to Woodhill Forest at 10:42 a.m., and after a further 10 minute drive, she reached the Muriwai Beach car park and walkway to the beach. The car park was empty and the beach deserted as Lisa turned to the right and began her usual walk to the north.  She always took her cell-phone with her for security and enjoyed capturing images of the wild seascape and foreshore.

By 11:14 a.m. Lisa was now out of view from the distant car park and continued walking for another 30 minutes or so.  Eventually she noticed an unusual “haze” forming on the beach around 100 m ahead of her between the sand-hills and the sea, quite unlike the familiar sea spray that often rolls in over the beach from the turbulent west coast waters.  The mist was gathering only on the section of beach ahead of her, while the rest of the beach behind Lisa was clear.  Thinking this was odd, Lisa took a photo of it. Lisa stated:

I began to feel tired, as if I had been walking for several hours!  Everything seemed to go “dark” all of a sudden, even though there was a blue sky and a bright sunny day.    I started feeling strange and noticed the haze ahead of me beginning to close in around me. All of a sudden my hearing went funny – there was no sound of the ocean beside me or seabirds.  I felt as if I was walking in a dream without exerting any effort, no longer in control of my own movements.  It was as if my body was there, but I, or my consciousness, was not.  I moved towards the mirage-like haze and everything I looked at seemed distorted.  Ahead of me I could see a dark fluid figure at the water’s edge looking out towards the ocean.  Several other figures emerged from the mist, to my right.  They seemed too tall, and I vaguely wondered if they were actually that tall, or whether they were floating, or maybe I was floating!  I could no longer coordinate my body at all but I knew I had to go towards them – I wanted to go to them!”

Interaction and missing time

 From this point on, Lisa has little recollection of what happened next, or in the following space of time.  She has fragmented memories of bright white light, and being inside a stark room.  She retained memory of indistinct “beings” in the room that showed her images, whether on a screen or in her mind she is not sure. Lisa felt this information did not relate to her personally, but related to global events the beings had grave concerns about. She did not feel afraid.

However, Lisa’s next recollection resulted in a chain reaction of fear and confusion.  Without any memory of how she got there, she seemingly “woke up” crouching down in the high sand dunes. She felt strangely euphoric, unlike herself, and she was laughing out loud. Lisa stated:

“I can’t believe I was doing that!  I’m usually a quiet practical person. I calmed down and quickly climbed down out of the sand dunes, all the while trying to remember how I had even got there in the first place.  [Note: the west coast sand dunes are heavy black iron sand.  They are steep and difficult to climb, and are dangerous as they are prone to collapsing and people have died in such situations.]  As I walked back down towards the water I began feeling very afraid.  I looked down at the sand and noticed my footprints; they stopped at that point and I couldn’t understand why they did not go up into the dunes.  But what scared me even more was seeing another clear set of footprints right beside mine, although I had not seen another person since arriving at the beach.  I walked beside the footprints for a while taking photographs, and noticed that the other footprints showed someone had been walking beside me for the latter part of my walk, but I hadn’t seen anyone!  They were an unusual shape, like nothing I had seen before – longer than mine, flat and almost rectangular, with claws-like indentations at one end of the foot. Both sets of prints disappeared with the incoming tide about where I had seen the dark fluid figure standing by the shore and near where the three figures emerged from the mist.”

Lisa at the location – note the steepness of the sand hills.

By now Lisa was terrified and tried to call her husband on her cell phone, but her call failed despite the fact the signal strength was fine.  From here on she wavered between feeling afraid, and trying to convince herself she must have imagined the whole thing.  She did not feel secure until she reached the car park and saw other people walking down to the beach.  She maintained this feeling throughout her drive back through Woodhill Forest, but fear arose again when she spoke briefly to the forest rangers at the entrance gate, who were familiar with seeing Lisa.  They had called out hello to her as she arrived, but on exiting, one of them called out, “That was a long walk. We were thinking of sending out a search party for you!”  This was the first indication to Lisa that the walk had taken much longer than usual, and she could not account for much of what had happened during some 45-60 minutes.  It was at this point she recalled the sighting of the white cylindrical object a couple of hours earlier, and was finally able to call her husband by cell phone and speak to him for the entire journey home. [Note: the fact Lisa “forgot” the sighting in the first place is unusual, but she believes that if she had recalled the sighting, she may have been less likely to continue on her walk, where subsequent events occurred.]

Missing phone

 Lisa had captured photo evidence of events, including the (blurry) white cylinder, the unusual mist, and the footprints.  She began researching the internet to find someone who might be able to comment on these images.  The following Monday evening she attended Fire Brigade training.  This finished around 9 p.m. and Lisa picked up her cell phone, medical pager, and car keys from where she had left them inside the fire station.  She said goodbye to the fire crew and placed the medical pager and phone on the passenger seat of her car, as she always does. Setting off on the drive home, she began to feel disoriented, struggling to maintain focus, and by the time she pulled into the driveway, she was shocked to discover the phone was no longer on the seat.  She and her husband searched the car and returned to the fire station, where some of the fire crew helped to search the area around the station and again in the car, but the phone was never found despite several of the fire crew confirming they had seen Lisa take it to her car.

That night Lisa and her husband woke in the early hours to find the house flooded with white light, but inexplicably went back to sleep.  In the following weeks, Lisa experienced vivid dreams, heard unusual buzzing sounds, found unexplained bruises on her body, and had recollection of waking in a “vague” state to see figures in her room at night.

 Lisa contacted UFOCUS NZ on 12 January, six days after the events, and we can confirm that throughout the whole investigation into Lisa’s experiences, there have been a number of anomalies happen: the missing phone, e-mails that have been sent but have never arrived, and in the following weeks Lisa noticed her car was being tailed and her house watched (confirmed by other workmates).

A history of paranormal events uncovered

 During subsequent discussions with Lisa, she revealed a number of interesting details which might indicate a lifetime of paranormal experiences, if not alien contact.  She described infant memories of seeing a vivid white orb that she came to consider as a friend, naming it “Jennifer”.  The orb was beautiful and “friendly”, and Lisa believes it taught her things.  From the age of seven she began occasionally seeing a figure beside her bed looking down at her in the night, but it was not one of her parents.  At age 8 she went “missing” for two hours on the way to school, causing panic for her parents and school teacher – she has no memory of where she was during this time, or how she eventually turned up at school.  At age 10, Lisa contracted a severe dose of English measles with high fevers.  She recalls an out-of-body experience, where she hovered up in the corner of her bedroom watching her parents and the visiting doctor, and she could see they were all very upset – “The next thing that happened was I felt very warm and found myself spiralling up a long white tunnel.  I felt calm and loved.  A voice spoke to me, “Lisa it is not your time.  It is too soon.”  I found myself back in my body, and I thought this happened to everyone who was sick.”  At age 12 Lisa began seeing glowing white orbs in her bedroom again, communicating with her.  Her mother told her she must have inherited the family gift of seeing spirits, having déjà vu experiences, and seeing into the future.

In 1995, aged 27, Lisa recalled a vivid “dream”, and wondered whether it was a memory of an actual event.  She recalled lying on the floor of a bright white room, in what she thought was an alien craft.  She looked to either side of her and saw there were about 20 other humans lying in a line beside her, still and seemingly asleep or immobilized.  Two entities walked along the line, one of them holding a device in his hand.  Lisa wanted to move her body, but was paralysed; she did not feel fear, but more like intrigue about what was happening.  Lisa could “hear” the entities talking telepathically, discussing each human.  They noticed she was awake and approached her, and there her dream-memory ended.

In 2012, Lisa and her husband were living out in the country. In March, they observed a large disc-shaped object surrounded by an orange glow, moving above adjacent farmland.  Early the following morning they awoke to the sound of several helicopters, and observed them flying back and forth in a grid-like pattern over the farmland where they had sighted the object.  Lisa wrote to the Air Force about the incident, asking if they had received any similar sighting reports.   She wondered whether the object they observed could have been part of Exercise Kiwiflag, a training exercise conducted from RNZAF Base, Auckland around that time.  However she received a reply from a Squadron Leader, who stated the training exercises had not yet commenced at the time of her sighting, and all aircraft were on the ground at the time she and her husband observed the object [UFOCUS NZ has a copy of this letter].

In our interviews, Lisa mentioned that on a number of occasions in her job as an emergency paramedic, while working on severely injured accident victims, she has felt an intense urge to channel healing through her hands and mind.  She has been reluctant to speak openly of this previously for fear of losing her position however she has spoken with a fellow paramedic who has experienced similar.  She believes this healing intervention to have been vital and successful on a number of occasions.


 The silver/white cylindrical object Lisa observed in January 2014 was similar to other such objects sighted around New Zealand over a period of recent years. In fact, two similar reports arrived at the time of writing this article.  Lisa mentioned a crucial detail often reported to UFOCUS NZ by witnesses of sightings and/or close encounters – that everything appeared momentarily “dark” around her just before paranormal/interaction incidents began.  Lisa has reported experiencing ongoing paranormal and possible alien contact experiences throughout her life. At this point in time she does not wish to investigate the Muriwai Beach experience of missing time through regressive hypnosis.  Her life centers round her humanitarian profession as an emergency paramedic, and she has accepted paranormal events as a fact of life for her.

Suzanne Hansen

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