New Physics’ describes utilitarian forms of alien light observed on craft, glimpses of potential scientific advances that could benefit mankind

The ‘New Physics’ of Light, Consciousness and Alien Technology: Part One: Functional Light

 Suzy Hansen, with Dr. Rudy Schild © 2015

Introduction: Let there be Light!

(NB. – ‘Communicators’ is terminology used to denote those who have conscious memories of interacting with alien entities/non-human species.)

 For over sixty years now, experiencers of alien contact worldwide have described phenomenal alien technology they have witnessed on-board craft, most of which can only be described as ‘magical’ given our current understanding of physics.  Initially, much of this information was disregarded as vivid imagination, or old science was used to (mis)interpret this new material.  Mankind can only imagine what more advanced alien intelligence has already mastered.

Throughout the last twenty years I have proposed that communicators work with scientists to examine their insights into alien technology, much of which requires the application of pure consciousness and telepathy in order to function – the elusive ‘organic’ and ‘intelligence’ factors.  Many communicators speak of having to attain a high skill-level in these areas in order to be able to ‘relate’ to the alien technology. Their experiential information is often corroborative in content, and sometimes confirmed by multiple witnesses.  This sophisticated technology, combined with its organic ‘modus operandi’, could be classified as possible  ‘new physics’, a term Dr. Rudy Schild uses in relation to alien technology described by communicators, of which we have no current parallel in our own technology.

Communicators’ descriptions of new physics are deserving of deeper investigation and could lead to the development of technology beneficial to mankind.  In fact, in the last ten years, I have noticed technology has emerged in our world that closely resembles more advanced alien technology I both used, and observed, on craft over thirty years ago.  Either we are following the same ‘track’ in terms of scientific evolution, or, as many people speculate, groups here on Earth may have acquired in-depth data concerning alien technology.

In my recently published book, The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, I describe forms of ‘alien light’, which the extraterrestrials have developed for specific purposes or to ‘power’ advanced technology.  Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus astrophysicist, USA, who wrote footnotes, commentaries, and a Scientist’s Epilogue for The Dual Soul Connection, made observations about the nature of this light in his Epilogue, including the following statements concerning what he terms ‘the Alien Quantum Technology’.  Dr. Schild also questions why more scientists and academics are not involved in UFO/contact research:

“Throughout these descriptions of the amazing technologies described by Suzy Hansen we see the operation of quantum effects not yet adequately understood in our terrestrial human scientific and technological base.

Which university has departments researching remote viewing, past life experiences, out-of-body experiences, samadi, alien abductions/contact, and UFO sightings?  Are such topics investigated with public funding?  Is it not obvious that within these areas of investigation, are important solutions to our civilisation’s energy and medical problems?’

And Bryan Dickeson (NZ/Australia, UFO researcher), who wrote the Forward for The Dual Soul Connection, stated in reference to communicators’ descriptions of alien technology:

‘… while some of these common elements seem exotic, even magical or humorous to us, their occurrence across the contact experience is persistent.  This suggests there are elements of alien science and technology which are only slightly beyond our own, that we could observe and possibly develop – exotic technologies and applications that we would find useful.’

Some military whistleblowers claim that technology already exists, both covert, and that which has been introduced to the public over recent years, which many would claim has been obtained from alien intelligence sources.  No doubt there is more of this advanced technology under development, and it is of concern to us all just how much of it may be developed for use in warfare or financial/corporate advantage, rather than for the common good of mankind.

 But at the same time, worldwide, increasing numbers of communicators are coming forward with their accounts of alien encounters and associated technology.  For many of them, complex ‘alien light’ plays an intrinsic role in their experiences.  Following, are descriptions of the characteristics of various forms of functional light I have observed or utilised on-board alien craft.

Light ‘Capsules’

 On a number of occasions I have walked down dark curved corridors on craft with other humans and entities, and yet the air around us seemed to illuminate as we moved along surrounded by a 3-dimensional capsule of light that accompanied us through the network of corridors to particular rooms or destinations.  This light ‘bubble’ usually extends around one metre in front of, and behind the individual or group. There is no apparent visible source of these capsules of light and therefore I do not know whether they are triggered by sensors in the walls of corridors, or whether our life force becomes part of the organic function of the craft itself, which in turn provides the light needed to walk through dark areas.  The nature of this light form seems ‘intelligent’, expanding or reducing in size according to how many occupants exit or enter the capsule into/from surrounding rooms.  It has a strange intensity, quite unlike daylight or strong fluorescent light, but sufficient to envelop us for the purpose of illumination, allowing normal activities in areas where regular foot-traffic is reduced or suspended at that time.  As you move within this light, it feels ‘thin’ and clear, almost as if it is reflected off, or is emanating from the body into the air, which might indicate an organic nature to the light, as a component or source.  Considering that the light does not have finite edges (like many other forms of alien light), and becomes slightly faded at the extremities, this fact might also support the idea it utilises the natural energy field or presence of the body in some way.  I can imagine this technology could provide significant energy-saving opportunities in our large buildings, factories and complexes.

Dr. Schild:

‘The light in the air that follows Suzy and others around in corridors is probably produced by a local (to the person) ionization of the gas molecules by some kind of infrared pumping by something in the walls you are passing by.  In other words, light is being produced in the air around you, and only around you, and the activating mechanism would logically be the detection of your consciousness.’

Confined Light

 A common and phenomenal element of alien light is that unlike our ordinary radiant sources of light, and the light capsules previously described, it often does not spread from its source, but can remain confined within a particular object or area.  I have seen doorways through which exceedingly bright light is visible but it does not illuminate the corridor beyond the room’s open entryway, thus leaving a distinct and stark difference between the two environments. Similarly, I have observed large circular domes made from Perspex-like material, some ten metres in diameter and containing extremely bright light, which sit within expansive areas on the craft, but the light is finite and does not radiate outwards to illuminate the surrounding space.  These domes are intense when activated, but at other times are dully lit and inactive in appearance.  I entered one of these domes for a transportation procedure, where the light was dimmed to induce sleepiness.  On another occasion, I observed a ‘recreation’ area for humans, which had been created within one of these large domes, complete with lush foliage and seating areas where both humans and ‘Grey’ were present.  The light-making capacities of the dome created artificial yellowish sunlight, confined within the structure.

Dr. Schild:

‘It is thus probably not a coincidence that the light is effectively 3-dimensional, meaning that it “fits into a box of finite size,” whereas ordinary electromagnetic radiation shines to infinity with diminishing intensity.  Our ordinary light is described by two dimensions, the direction of the ray and the direction of its polarisation.  The UFO light, in contrast, is created and described by the 3-dimensional quantum waves that also describe mass in the quantum description of matter.  Because the General Theory of Relativity describes how the quantum waves describing mass and gravity are related, it is unsurprising that the related light would have a 3-dimensional description.  However, at present no quantum field theory of gravity including a theoretical framework for light emission is presently available.’

Light Beams

Yet another form of this confined light is the powerful tractor beam used by the aliens to levitate humans, entities, and objects, to and from, between craft and the ground.  The laser-like beam of light closes, or ends, just below the person or object being levitated, giving the feeling of a ‘floor’ moving up underneath the feet.  I recall feeling as if I had just ‘jumped’ a few centimetres into the air as the finite end of the beam began to move upwards beneath me.  Again, the light does not radiate beyond the parameters of the beam, creating a veritable tube of light endowed with movement and transportation capabilities.  During levitation within these beams of light I have noted the separate environment that exists within them; by this I mean that although on occasions I have been picked up in windy, cold conditions, the environment within the tube of light is constant – pleasantly lukewarm and with still, wind-free conditions.  The wind whipped the treetops and branches, while I levitated within the tube in stillness.  The fact the light is able to levitate occupants is, in itself, extraordinary.

Not all tractor beams are bright white – pale blue and yellowish green tractor beams are used as well.  In The Dual Soul Connection, I describe levitating in a beam to a small craft with my young son and three greys, and then on to a second larger craft:

‘Once outside the house, a defined beam of bluish-white light descended, which we stepped into one-by-one.  First came the floating, disorienting feeling.  We ascended in a line, silently, peacefully, living beads on a string of light, with the flat bottom of the beam rising beneath the last Grey.’

Dr. Schild:

‘Here we have some fascinating details about the anti-gravity transport involved in the contact experience, and it is because Suzy has such a long history of contacts that she can focus on a typical event and describe it as familiar.  When being transported to the first craft ion a beam, she describes how initially the levitation process was “disorienting”.  Astronauts report how it is disorienting to be in orbit around the Earth; the experience is disorienting, because human consciousness uses reference to up and down as a constant reference for spatial orientation, so the experience of being in an anti-gravity beam is described by Suzy as being “disorienting.

Suzy describes confined light projected by alien technology for the purpose of cancelling gravity and enabling transport between UFO and any other place in a line of action.  This form of light is apparently produced by the UFO in amplification of the intent of the operators.

It is not clear if the light is entirely a by-product of the anti-gravity process involved … However, given that strong light is often observed during abductions/contacts that are closed off to involuntary bystanders, it appears that in at least some circumstances the strong light is an unintended side effect of gravity manipulation.’


‘Magnetic’ Light

 Stranger still, is this science-fiction-type light, which I have nick-named ‘magnetic light’, because it is capable of lifting and transporting a car or other large heavy objects.  I have recollection of two occasions when cars I was travelling in were lifted off the road and transported to large craft containing vast hangar-like areas.  On the first occasion, the craft appeared in a late afternoon sky, only visible at first as two large bright white lights, which my companion and I guessed were aircraft landing lights.  However the lights soon merged into one large light as it approached, and the craft eventually hovered over the car, lifting it off the ground using a bright beam of light encompassing the car.  Eventually the beam itself dimmed, leaving only a shimmering multi-coloured pastel ray of light in its place.  As we approached the underside of a larger craft, this ‘magnetic’ beam swung the car out from beneath it with alarming speed, leaving the car suspended some five metres away beside the sphere, before the beam manoeuvred our car up through the opening and into a hangar area.

On the second occasion, I was travelling home from a concert late at night with two friends.  It was a rainy, windy night, so we were surprised and intrigued to see a mysterious stationary mound of mist on the highway ahead of us, just past an intersection.  Red and blue flashing lights were visible within the mist, which we assumed was a police car attending an accident caused by the inclement weather.  As our car entered the mist, the driver and other occupant of our car slumped forward on their seat belts in a relaxed sleep-state, while I was left sitting in the back seat frantically looking around me.  A spherical-shaped object some eight to ten metres in diameter, sat on a tripod on the left-hand side of the road.  A shimmering shaft of light, roughly the length of the car, emitted from the sphere and levitated our vehicle around one metre off the ground, floating it forward until it was near the spherical ‘transporter’.  The shaft of light then completely disappeared, from my vision at least, and yet the car and transporter both lifted off the ground together, rising high above the rain clouds and up to a dark isosceles triangle shaped craft.  The transporter then seemed to transfer magnetic control of our car to the larger craft before swooping away into the night, while we were drawn up through an opening towards the rear of the craft on another sparkling tractor beam.

Similarly, after my on-board activities on this occasion were completed (described in detail in the book), the black triangular craft descended to a lower altitude until our car could be directly lowered to the ground on a similar shimmering ‘magnetic’ beam of coloured light.

If we could understand the physics behind what I refer to as ‘magnetic’ light, mankind would have an invaluable means of moving large heavy objects at high speed, and it could change the face of our concepts and methods of construction, transportation, and transport of materials to remote locations.

Vast Light

 In 1978, while travelling on a remote country road late at night, my companion and I had just reached the summit of a hill when we were startled by an unexpected sight: a massive glow of intensely bright white light suddenly emanated up into the air from the floor of a valley less than a kilometre away from us, as if someone had flicked on a switch.  The magnitude of this light illuminated the entire valley floor and surrounding hillsides in every direction, including a hundred metres or so into the air in a dome-like shape.  This light was entirely different from anything we had ever seen and it lit the valley like daylight, with every tree on the hillsides transformed to silvery white, permeating everything so completely that there appeared to be no shadows, and yet incongruously, great detail was still distinguishable.

The light we observed on this occasion emanated from a relatively small disc-shaped craft, but local farmers in the area also saw valleys and hillsides illuminated by small matt-black egg-shaped craft. Similar vast spectacles of light were witnessed by many other people in the Gisborne area of the North Island, New Zealand, where an intense UFO flap occurred over a 4-5 year period from 1977-1980.  Just why the occupants of these craft chose to put on such powerful light-shows remains a mystery, although on this occasion it was a precursor to a contact event; we soon lapsed into what is commonly known in UFO research terminology as ‘the Oz factor’ (a term used by author and researcher Jenny Randles), feeling ‘pins-and-needles’ in our limbs and the sense of losing consciousness, as the small circular craft diminished its light output and approached our car.  The intense light it had produced while landed or hovering near the floor of the valley was the brightest and most clear I have ever seen, revealing trees, farm fences, animals, and features of the landscape in distinct and spectacularly defined detail.


 Part One of the ‘New Physics’ articles has focused on the characteristics of utilitarian forms of alien light observed on craft.  However they also represent glimpses of potential scientific advances that could benefit mankind and enhance our civilisation.  It is our belief that these insights into alternative science, physics and technology are intentionally revealed (disclosed) to us by visiting alien species to expand our human consciousness, allowing us to perceive beyond our current technological knowhow and concepts of reality, as part of their complex programmes to advance humankind.  Thus many communicators have become the proponents of ‘new physics’.

  1. The material in this article is extracted from fuller accounts of alien technology presented in The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for human Advancement.