Extraordinary forms of conscious or sentient light, such as those witnessed onboard craft, are yet to be mastered by humans.

Corroborative Evidence of Alien Technology: A ‘Liquid Light’ Elevator and a 5-Function Screen

By Suzy Hansen © 2015


This article is an abridged version of a chapter from The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, Chapter 30, The Test, Part Two: A Light Elevator.

The test

 In 1993, I retained extensive conscious memory of a particular experience onboard a craft.  Many of the technologies I observed and used on this occasion appear to have been more advanced versions of what we humans have now produced over recent years in our own technology, and the experience included the use of advanced computer systems, which I could describe in detail.  However, it is important to note that the experience occurred when computer usage in New Zealand was limited to government departments and other institutions, and it was another three years before they became available to the general public. Therefore, in my day-to-day life, my knowledge of computers at the time of this experience was zero.  I first spoke publicly about this experience at the International UFO Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand in 1997.

On this occasion on the craft, I took part in a test-type situation in which humans were required to demonstrate the skills we had learned over many years to operate advanced alien technology, and to access information using consciousness and telepathy in order to solve individual problems provided by the Grey Elders in charge of the activity.

Chapters 29 and 30, on which this article is based, also cover such technology as moving capsules of light, advanced 3-D ‘conscious’ computers, 3-D information storage tablets, an alien ‘internet’, and artificial environments within domes.  In addition, the chapters provide information about Grey Elders, modes of telepathy, ‘depth-reading’ Grey script, creating holograms, information transfers mind-to-mind, and hybrid entities.

The light elevator: sentient light

In a large room onboard a craft, a group of sixteen humans completed a complex competency test, assisted by Grey instructors assigned to each participant.  At the completion of the proceedings I was asked by one of the Greys to take a pile of ‘information tablets’ to a lower level on the craft.  These advanced 3-D mini-computers were paper-thin versions of what we would recognise today as iPads or Smartphones.  He provided me with an appropriate symbol to use telepathically in the elevator.

A vertical tube, which I had nick-named the ‘light elevator’ as a child, stood at the end of the corridor, enclosing a glistening column of light.  Its curved moulded ‘foot’ seamlessly joined the tube to the floor and ceiling at each level.  I thought-instructed the door to slide open and stepping into the column, I was immediately enveloped in soft ‘liquid light’ like velvet on my skin, and I was suspended in this intelligent sentient light.  By merely thinking the symbol the Grey had given me, the elevator transported me to the appropriate level and after a split second of blackness, the door slid back and I stepped out into a small reception area.

Circular, and around a meter and a half in diameter, the light elevator was constructed from a transparent material with the appearance of glass or Perspex.  I have used three models of this light elevator over the years: this version with curved moulded attachments; one which passed directly through the various floors of the craft like a giant drinking straw; and a much larger rectangular elevator, which could transport around twenty occupants or other equipment (rather like a service elevator).  A clear section of the elevator tube slides to one side allowing entry and exit, and a panel of lights with oscillating script symbols is usually positioned on a wall beside it.  The structure emits a soft humming sound.

Unlike our sources of light which radiate outwards, this light remains contained and active within the column, and does not spill out of the opening or shine through the transparent tube.  Bright bluish-white light, with random flashes of brilliant electric blue varying in intensity and depth of colour, streams fluidly upwards and downwards simultaneously within the column, resembling flowing ‘liquid light’.

Dr. Schild examined my descriptions of various kinds of technology from this experience and the particular light features associated with them, and commented:

       “Suzy describes three kinds of light involved with the alien technology, and not related to ordinary electromagnetic radiation.  The alien kinds are confined to 3-D space, whereas ordinary electromagnetic radiation shines out endlessly with gradually diminishing brightness, as is familiar.

The alien technology seems to be:

  1. Confined light accompanying alien/human beings in spacecraft and enveloping them for the purpose of illumination (‘light capsules’).
  2. Confined light projected by alien technology for the purpose of cancelling gravity and enabling transport between UFO and any other place in a line of action. This form of light is apparently produced by the UFO in amplification of the intent of the operators.
  3. Confined light in the transporter (elevator) which is apparently in interaction with the conscious intent of the enveloped sentient beings. It is described as being more alive with active sparking and energetic attributes.”

Corroborative evidence emerges

Some years later in 2006, while preparing for a conference speech, I searched the internet to see if I could find reference to such an elevator by other experiencers.  I came across a watercolour painting by US graphic artist ‘Jeff’, completed in 1998, depicting a column of light virtually identical to my own description of the light elevator.  I immediately emailed Jeff to introduce myself, and asked him if his painting depicted an actual contact experience or not, and directed him to a drawing of the light elevator on my website.

Within hours I received a reply from Jeff confirming his experience onboard a craft in July 1997, just four years after my own experience.  Jeff and I communicated further about our memories of using this extraordinary piece of alien technology.  We could identically describe its specific features, even down to the fact the light felt like ‘liquid light’, or velvet on the skin, and we both recalled seeing oscillating lights and symbols on a nearby panel.  Jeff checked out the drawing on my website and replied:

Yes, the light tube looks very, very similar!  You have described the liquid light tube EXACTLY the way that I remember it … both in appearance and in sensation!  Did you notice a panel anywhere near the tube that contained a waveform of oscillating alien symbols as well as blinking red lights?  I felt as if this lit panel, with a wave of symbols, somehow monitored the light tube’s functionality.”

Later that year (2006), I was invited to speak to a support group for abductees/experiencers in Australia. A fifteen-year-old girl, who I will call ‘Ann’, approached me afterwards and discussed her own experiences of contact since early childhood. She produced a folder of drawings of some of the technology and entities she had observed during those encounters and I recognised one of the drawings as being similar to the light elevator. Ann recounted how on a number of occasions she had entered a column of bright sparkling light contained within a tube, which she had nicknamed ‘the teleporter’, and she described how upon entering the tube of light she was instantly transported elsewhere, using thought to instruct or instigate movement. The column of light emitted a soft humming sound and was attached to the floor and ceiling with a curved foot or surround. Ann described the light as ‘extraordinarily soft’.

I now had two corroborative accounts of this phenomenal technology from the clear conscious recall of two experiencers in other countries.  It is enormously gratifying to know that other experiencers have travelled in light elevators and are able to describe them in the same way as me – an advanced form of ‘elevator’ that suspends and transports you instantaneously in conscious light.

Dr. Schild commented on the light elevator and provided a link to an article in the Journal of Cosmology, which we highly recommend to readers seeking more in-depth information about the nature of consciousness:

“The light elevator is almost certainly an anti-gravity device. Our modern science is now closing in on this technology, and it involves magneto-electric influence on gravity.  Suzy’s observation and recollection demonstrate that the device was under thought control, including the password symbol she focused her mind on, and this function of the brain is addressed most completely by Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Robert Staretz in the article, ‘The Quantum Hologram and the Nature of Consciousness’,

A five-function screen

Following the test procedure and having descended two floors within the craft, I stepped out of the light elevator into a kind of reception area where a Grey was seated at a console, with a large rectangular window/screen embedded in the wall behind her.  These smart pieces of technology can instantly transform from being a window through which one can see outside the craft or into another room, to a screen upon which data or images can be viewed.  Most surprising though is their ability to disappear completely, thus becoming invisible as part of the wall.  On this occasion, before the Grey caused the screen to vanish, I witnessed a striking scene on this technology, whether through its window or screen function, I was not sure.

I observed a large dome made from a clear glass-like material which stood within an expansive white-walled area.  A few Greys and humans were walking together within the dome, or were seated amongst lush vegetation. The dome was pleasantly landscaped, with a pathway meandering through plants of various heights. As with the light elevator, the dome’s golden light, resembling artificial sunlight, remained distinctly contained within the dome and did not emanate into the surrounding space.  It resembled one of those hollow glass Christmas ornaments, which you pick up and shake, with a little scene, figures and snowflakes inside it!

Having briefly discussed with me what was taking place in the dome, the Grey commented about the window/screen itself and outlined its five functions as follows:

  1.   a wall,
  2. a window,
  3.  a screen for communication with occupants in other areas of the craft, or between craft,
  4. a screen to enable surveillance of areas within the craft, and significantly,
  5. a screen to access and display data etc, which she referred to as “an information storage facility”.

In other words, a mammoth archive or database could be accessed through this screen, which we nowadays would recognize as the Internet.

An intriguing anecdotal account from military officer

Corroborative evidence of the window/screen technology I observed during this experience had already emerged three years earlier in 2003, when I spoke at the Hidden Truths Conference in Perth, Australia, where the late Dr. Roger Leir, author of The Aliens and the Scalpel, was also a guest speaker.  Roger was an abduction researcher and surgeon, best known for removing and studying alleged alien implants from abductees/experiencers.

The evening before my conference speech, Roger and I dined at a restaurant and during our wide-ranging discussions he related a surprising anecdotal account to me.  In short, Roger described a conversation he’d had with a former officer in the US military who stated that at some time in his career he, along with other military personnel, had entered what he alleged was an alien craft, which was sitting on the tarmac at a US Air Force Base.  At first, absolutely nothing was visible to the naked eye as the officer looked out at the tarmac, but he was informed it employed invisibility technology and therefore they were assisted to enter the craft.  He alleged it contained advanced technology and in particular, the officer described looking back out at the tarmac through a rectangular ‘window’.  However, one of the accompanying personnel explained that the window could also instantly become a wall and perform several other functions, totalling five altogether.

I was surprised by the synchronicity of this anecdotal, but nevertheless corroborative account, as Roger had no idea my speech the next day would include details about the ‘five function screen’ I had observed in 1993.

One function of the screen, which allows the user to see and converse with another user in the craft, or over distance between craft or other locations, bears a striking resemblance to today’s teleconferencing technologies and computer programmes such as Skype.

Dr. Schild commented:

“The 5-function window sounds like an application of what we now call liquid crystal technology, but of course I am speculating here. We have had this technology for 20 years for displays in consumer products like wrist watches. The display has black letters and numbers created by digital manipulation of the electric fields that produce the effects of transparency or opaqueness.  A development of this technology could produce the 5 functions observed and beautifully described by Suzy.”

Over the years I have read claims and theories that some of today’s modern technology originated from knowledge gained from back-engineering retrieved alien craft, or was provided to military or governments by agreement with extraterrestrial races.  The Internet and fibre optics are among those technologies mentioned.  I cannot substantiate those claims – I can only present my own experiences, which certainly point to the fact that either we are developing technology along the same lines as the Greys, or we have indeed obtained some extraterrestrial knowhow.

Back in 2003 and 2006, discovering that other experiencers could identically describe being transported between various levels on massive craft in this advanced light technology, was a major turning point for me.  It was the first tangible piece of corroborative evidence I had found in 31 years of searching, bringing both an exciting and a sobering sense of reality to my contact experiences.  In later years, it gave me the courage to approach Dr. Schild to ask him to examine my accounts of contact and descriptions of technology, from a scientific perspective.  Whether we call ourselves a contactee, abductee, or experiencer, we are all ‘communicators’ and I believe our corroborative evidence of contact with non-human off-world intelligences holds potential value and is deserving of in-depth scientific study.

Undoubtedly, much of our future technology will be thought/brainwave/voice operated, and we are already moving in this direction.  However, nanotechnology, implants, wearable technology (glasses, jewellery, headsets, fabric etc), frequency and energy-based technology will become commonplace, possibly eventually linking us to health-regulating technology that will improve quality of life and efficiency in all areas of our day-to-day existence.

Extraordinary forms of conscious or sentient light however, such as those witnessed onboard extraterrestrial craft, are yet to be mastered by humans.

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