The light in the room was intense; figures took on a silvery-white look, illuminated in brightness.

The ‘New Physics’ of Light, Consciousness and Alien Technology:

Part Two: ‘Intelligent’ Light


Introduction: Alien Quantum Technology

 In Part One, Functional Light, we looked at examples of reported alien technologies involving ‘new physics’ of light, concentrating on functional, utilitarian light onboard craft.  In Part Two, we examine examples of 1) consciousness manifesting as light and 2) alien technologies involving light and ‘new physics’, combined with consciousness as the key interactive and operative mechanism.

Dr. Rudy Schild, contributor to my book, The Dual Soul Connection, refers to this as “alien quantum technology”:

In my view, the needed technologies (technologies described by experiencers) are intimately involved in quantum effects that are in most cases related to consciousness.”

Many experiencers report using and observing technologies on alien craft that function only when combined with the user’s consciousness – telepathy and power of intent.  There are many examples of these consciousness-assisted technologies in modern-day experience/abductee literature and accounts.  Following, are descriptions of the characteristics of various forms of ‘intelligent’ light that I have observed or utilized onboard Grey alien craft.

Intelligent Light

 The light elevator

On a number of occasions I have travelled in a ‘light elevator’ which transports the occupant(s) instantaneously between levels of the craft using a combination of technology and light interacting with the user’s consciousness.  This sparkling blue and white light confined within a glass-like tube feels extraordinarily soft on the skin, and although the light resembles flashing static electricity, there is no feeling of electric sensation.  Unlike our sources of light which radiate outwards, this light remains contained and active within the column, and does not spill out of the opening or shine through the transparent tube.  The elevator is activated by thought (consciousness) – the user merely ‘thinks’ or focuses on an appropriate symbol to arrive at the desired level within a split second of ‘blackness’.  Stepping into one of these elevators is like being suspended in soft sentient light.

The virtual-reality chair and a ‘galaxy screen’

During a visit onboard craft in 1967 when I was twelve years old, a Grey offered to take me into their private living quarters on the craft where humans are rarely invited to go.  In one of the rooms, he demonstrated the use of a ‘virtual reality chair’.  It was constructed of a thin and light material, and it reminded me of a small reclining dentist’s chair with a foot rest, raised off the floor on a short pedestal.  The Grey explained it provided a form of personal entertainment and education and offered to show me how it functioned.

He began by connecting to the chair’s ‘conscious’ or organic computer by momentarily placing his forearms on rubber-like pads on the arms of the chair.  Next he pulled a small screen out in front of him, positioned on a telescopic stand some forty centimetres in front of his face, and he commanded it to activate by using thought.

He telepathically selected the virtual reality ‘programme’ he wished to actively become a part of, and I observed a powerful bright band of light extending from the small screen, expanding in size and enveloping his face and head.   I was astonished to see complex designs, symbols, and swirling shapes in a myriad of colours and mysterious patterns moving slowly from the screen along the band of light and appearing to vanish into his eyes, and I assumed, his mind.

The Grey explained it was equivalent to us watching a film (nowadays, a 3-D movie), but by using this combination of light, technology and consciousness they are able to ‘enter’ the movie and become a part of it.  I asked if I could try the chair and its wondrous capabilities too, but he responded that this would be impossible because the light beam and other facets of the technology were suited only to their complex eyes, and my eyes would not register the full capacity of the programme.  The technology enabled them to simultaneously experience other aspects of the ‘movie’ involving a variety of other senses other than just merely visual capacity – what today we would refer to as ‘virtual reality’ technology – but this was back in 1967.  Clearly, light, technology and consciousness were combined as a medium for the Greys’ education and entertainment through imagery and sensory experience.

Similarly, on an occasion onboard craft in the late 70s, I was shown what I have called a ‘galaxy screen’, which must have functioned in a similar way to the virtual reality chair, and was operated telepathically, interacting with the consciousness of the user.  White screens projecting light were spaced evenly around the perimeter of the room, creating a spherical ‘zone’ in the centre of the room in which a virtual array of planets, suns, and other astronomical bodies were displayed. The user’s consciousness could interact with the light display, using thought/telepathy to adjust light intensity, density, focus, and zoom/reduction etc, and enabled the user to ‘visit’ a multitude of locations and civilisations in our Milky Way galaxy.

Consciousness Manifested as Light

 Knowledge bombs or information transfers

These are names commonly used by experiencers/abductees to describe the transfer of vast amounts of information telepathically, between themselves and alien entities. These transfers are painless procedures taking a split second, or in the case of much larger transfers of information, may take two minutes or more in duration.  Sometimes the information is immediately available to be examined by the receiver, but mostly the information is embedded in their subconscious minds, with the idea that it will rise to their conscious minds following a ‘trigger’ situation, or at times when the need for this information should arise.  Most often the physical process of the transfer is not ‘visible’ as such, and is only perceived and absorbed.

However on one occasion, while in discussion with a Grey scientist, I was actually able to observe a spark of his consciousness while he was in the process of transferring information to me, which manifested as a tiny ball of light in the air between us.  The Grey had been discussing a number of situations in the future that the Greys believed would adversely affect people globally.  His stream of telepathy fell silent and I noticed a spark of light in the air between us that had emerged from his forehead, moving quickly towards me.  I was about to step to one side, when he asked me to stay where I was, and I watched transfixed as the spark entered my left temple. The Grey stated this super-ball of their consciousness would assist me in knowing how to contribute at this future crucial phase in our planetary evolution.  Momentarily, an aspect of the Grey’s consciousness had manifested as light as he conveyed information and advice to me.

Souls manifesting as balls of light

There are a number of references to souls manifesting as balls of light in my book, The Dual Soul Connection.  I describe a memory of a time before I incarnated in this life, where I found myself as a conscious intelligent ball of purple light, discussing my future life (now my present life) with a council of wise and knowledgeable beings.

In 1962 at the age of eight, I described an occasion when I was taken onboard a Grey craft and introduced to a room full of floating soul-lights.  This was quite a daunting experience at first, and the Greys quickly explained these were the souls of people I would eventually come to know in my life, who would assist me in the future; some had already incarnated into a life on Earth, while others would enter a life at a later time.  The lights were exquisitely beautiful – luminous and ‘electric’ – like a string of bright party balloons.  I was able to communicate easily with them through consciousness, gathering essential information and memories in my own consciousness, memories that would be triggered in the future.

Later that same year, the Greys introduced me to a vibrant ball of electric blue light, and I was told by the senior Grey present that this was the soul of my future son.  We would play together on many occasions when I visited onboard craft, getting to know each other and discussing our future life together, what tasks we must complete, and establishing a strong foundation based on shared consciousness. The difference in our physical forms, a ball of light and a child, was irrelevant and we were able to communicate perfectly adequately through consciousness (telepathy).

On another onboard visit in 2010, a group of humans, including me, was asked by the Greys to lecture to a larger group of people.  We were to discuss future earth changes and the impact on communities and society as a whole, but in particular, on the lives of the people present at the lecture.  Upon entering the auditorium I was confronted by an unexpected but also familiar sight. There were no people!  Instead, over two hundred soul-lights in a myriad of luminous colours hung in the air, an incredibly beautiful sight that momentarily took my breath away.  These souls had left their human bodies during the sleep-state in order to attend this gathering, but also in order to understand and comprehend the information available to them from a universal soul perspective, rather than have it filtered through their human personae and characters, hence their appearance in soul-light form.

It is my belief, and certainly my experience, that universal souls can manifest as balls of light.  These soul-lights have been observed and reported throughout history and I believe we are only in the early stages of understanding the power and manifestations of consciousness, and the soul.

Manifestation of consciousness and love through light

 On a number of occasions I have seen members of the Grey species express their love by manifesting a red glow of light around their torsos which carries a multitude of other ‘signatures’ – emotions, sounds, images.  At these times the atmosphere in the room has changed dramatically as an intense wave of energy has enveloped me and other humans present, with deep feelings of tenderness and devotion.  The red glow appears to be consciousness expressed serenely through a physical emission of light.

Light that facilitates physical changes

 Light that facilitates expansion

Experiencers/abductees have for many years now described anomalies in the size of interior spaces onboard craft.  For example, a room may appear small until one enters it, and then a bright effusing light will expand the size of the room, appearing to move the walls outwards until the room has increased considerably in size.  I have also witnessed this same aspect where for example, small craft can seem too small to accommodate several humans, plus the crew.  However as you pass through the craft’s entrance, the exceptionally bright interior lighting somehow expands the space, and so the craft becomes much bigger once you are inside it.

In 1989 I was taken to a room on a craft with several other humans, having been told by the accompanying Grey that we were going to experience aspects of their culture, in particular their form of recreation and rejuvenation. He described how they could create “a space beyond a space”, that is, make a given space appear larger than the area in which it is contained.  He asked us to mentally prepare ourselves for a change in our surroundings and he would continue to convey information to us about the process as it unfolded.

The room suddenly became infused with a strange bright white light, extending the walls outwards away from us, creating a vast space. All the while, the Grey’s thought-voice continued, describing how we were now inside ‘intelligence’, a vast ‘mind’ within which they can return to the source, or state of original energy, simply through consciousness.  The walls, floor and ceiling of the room were so far away they were no longer visible, causing me to feel as if I was floating in white light.  The combination of light, technology, and consciousness had created a vastly different environment, facilitating physical changes in the structure of the room that defies our current knowledge of physics.

Light that facilitates physical disintegration and re-forming

During this same experience, the light in the room became so intense that the humans around me took on a silvery-white look, illuminated in the brightness.  A group of entities gathered in front of us, and slowly their forms began to change as the outlines of their bodies wavered and shimmered. Vibrant colours emanated from the figures, quickly engulfing their entire bodies as their physical forms literally disintegrated in front of us, becoming effervescent coloured light, swirling and exploding like fireworks.  The resulting vivid mist rose high above us in the boundless space, forming patterns, designs and shapes in the air.  Some phenomenal displays of the Greys’ control over light, consciousness and matter took place at this point, as described in my book.  Eventually, their combined creations again disintegrated, sinking down, separating, and re-forming into the familiar bodies of Greys.  Once again, we were two groups of living entities, sharing the same consciousness in a room of strange light.  The Greys stressed to us that our physical form is but a manifestation of consciousness and can be transmuted, in this case interacting with the ‘intelligent light’ of this special room.  They stated that future humans will be able to manifest in various forms just as the Greys can.


Light that enhances well-being

 Light technology to examine the body

In 1996 I was taken onboard a craft for medical examination as I had been ill for several months, and clearly the Greys were concerned about my well-being.  During the examination and diagnostic procedure they moved a large disc-shaped piece of apparatus over the bed and thought-activated it.  A circular beam of light extended from the disc, revealing phenomenal scanning equipment, operated by the user’s consciousness and knowledge combined with medical-type technology.  A clearly defined circle of light extended down from the disc, focused on my torso.  Within the circle the Greys could view my organs, tissue, bones, muscles etc, each in turn, with a simple telepathic request to the technology, while the extremities of my body outside of the circle were seen as normal.  (It is interesting that in November 2013, Evena Medical (US) unveiled smart glasses that allow nurses to see ‘through’ a patient’s skin to the vasculature beneath for precise IV placement.)

A secondary examination took place which demonstrated the Greys ability to manifest consciousness as light.  I noticed something strange occurring as I looked at the Grey  ‘doctor’ and I had never seen anything like this before – one of his eyes began changing colour like a spectrum and he told me he was able to see things even beyond what this amazing scanning technology could expose (this referred to emotions, incidents and accidents related to injuries and illness).  Light began emitting from this eye like a laser beam and he projected this light, combined with his consciousness/awareness, into my nasal passages to repair damage and infection.  (I have since heard a corroborative account from an experiencer who stated she was taught healing procedures by extraterrestrials using the energy, or light and consciousness, from one of her eyes as a kind of laser eye-beam).

Our own technologies are already moving towards the combined use of light, consciousness, and complex technological systems and programmes. Whether we develop and use these powerful future technologies for the betterment of mankind, or for the control or destruction of humanity, will depend upon the rate of our spiritual evolution towards positive spiritual intent.

All of the concepts in this article are expanded upon in The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement.

All images are © Suzy Hansen