Concealed within the mist was a bright metallic object. It ‘locked’ onto my car; we ascended, sweeping away over farmland.

The Waikato Plains Contact:

Sphere lifts Car off a New Zealand Country Road


Suzy Hansen © 2017

1997, Waikato Plains, Nth Is., NZ

On a winters evening in 1997, I accompanied two friends, ‘Mike’ and ‘Kim’, to a music function in the city of Hamilton, around one and a half hours drive from where we lived in the city of Tauranga.  The weather conditions were atrocious when we headed home again at around 11.30 pm, with strong winds blowing the heavy rain almost horizontally at the windscreen.

Heading south, we eventually took the turn-off to Tauranga from where the road crosses relatively flat countryside known by locals as ‘the plains’, towards the Kaimai Ranges, a line of high steep hills with changeable weather conditions which we would cross over.  Soon after the turn-off, Kim, who was driving, passed a slow-moving truck and continued around a curve towards a long straight, leaving the truck and a line of cars well behind us.  At this point, I registered a distinct ‘wired up’ feeling throughout my entire body, a heightening of senses I have often experienced prior to contact.

 A fake roadblock

 Kim, Mike and I were talking animatedly about the function we had attended, when up ahead, we noticed muted red and blue lights flashing.  They appeared to be at the Taotaoroa/Totman crossroad a kilometre away and we assumed it must be a police car attending an accident.  As Kim began to slow down, I looked behind us and could see no sign of the truck and line of cars rounding the bend as yet.

A strange-looking mound of bright white mist sat just beyond the intersection, like a pile of snow extending the full width of the road and within seconds, wisps of fog began to gather all around our car.  The flashing red and blue lights illuminated the dense mist from within, but there was no sign of any people or vehicles.  A strong wind was blowing and yet despite this, the mist remained compact and stationary across our path, indicating to me all was not as it may seem.

Kim halted the car and lowered her window a bit, and as if on cue, a dark figure emerged from the mist.  Everything seemed to be happening quite quickly, and despite the fact some things just didn’t make sense about the situation, Mike and Kim were calm, as if unaware of these obvious anomalies.  I undid my seatbelt, leaning forward between the seats, intently watching the figure approaching from the right-hand side of the road.  It was wearing a dark hooded jacket, but without any fluorescent safety stripe or insignia such as a police officer would have on his jacket, and it was not carrying a torch either, which one would expect at night.  Mike and Kim no doubt thought this was just a routine police roadblock, but I was privately wondering what was going to happen next.

The figure moved up to within four metres of the driver’s window, a dark silhouette with no visible facial features.  It stopped just out of range of our headlights with its back to the bright misty light, and we heard a distinctly monotone tinny-sounding male voice say clearly, despite the windy conditions, ‘There’s been a slip.  Proceed slowly.’

I instantly exclaimed to the others, ‘But there can’t be a slip (land-slide)!  There are no hills here!  We’re on the plains!’

The figure repeated, ‘Proceed forward slowly.’

Despite my protests, Kim shut the window and edged the car forward, while Mike sat still and quiet in the passenger seat. I suddenly felt inexplicably relaxed and sleepy and my last recollection was of the rain beating noisily on the car roof.  From that point on, I can recall nothing more of what occurred next at the intersection.

The author at the location where the contact occurred

Exploring the memories

However my next memory was of feeling as if I had just ‘woken up’ (an unlikely situation considering my last memory involved animated conversation and unusual circumstances.)  None of us knew where we were as the car was surrounded with thick mist, but all of a sudden we were able to make out the luminescent roadside markers, and within seconds our car shot out of the mist into clear conditions.  There were a few seconds of confusion and discussion when we found ourselves looking down on a sea of lights, which we realised were the lights of our home city of Tauranga.  I had no memory of the journey in between and this mystery unnerved and puzzled me for many years to come.

I decided to explore my missing memories of this incident through a regression conducted in 2007, and an intriguing account emerged of an elaborate ‘pick up’ by a small sphere and an experience onboard a much larger craft.

I described how a split second after Kim began driving into the mist both she and Mike lapsed into an immediate ‘sleep’.  The engine failed and the headlights went out.  An extremely bright, narrow beam of light shot through the left rear window and hit me in the middle of the forehead, penetrating my mind and causing a tingling sensation throughout my body like a mild electric shock, relaxing me.  I was now in some kind of altered state, a dulled consciousness, but still aware at that stage, of what was going on around me.

The car becomes airborne

Egg-sphere with honey-comb surface (artist’s impression)

The car rose slowly until it was floating about a metre above the road, gliding effortlessly forward, straight past the figure standing on the side of the road and into the mist.  I could not tell whether he turned and followed the car, whether he was floating, or if he was even a real figure.

Concealed within the mist was a brightly-lit metallic egg-shaped object – almost spherical – just less than half the width of the road in diameter.  The egg-sphere stood on a tripod, with red and blue lights flashing underneath it, and the exterior of the object was formed by geometric panels creating a honeycomb or interlocking effect.

Now the mist began to drift away in the direction we had come from, while the car hovered in mid-air beside the object, somehow held in position by an invisible magnet-like force or attraction.  The sphere suddenly lifted off the ground, taking the car with it, floating steadily several metres away from the object.

I peered out the car windows, feeling totally unconcerned as we ascended and swept away over farmland.  Looking down towards the crossroads, I noticed the stark white mist neatly disappearing into a spot, like an invisible funnel or hole in the air.  The headlights of the truck and cars were finally coming along the road now, as if they had somehow been held back while this rendezvous occurred.

We ascended above the bank of rain clouds, the lights of the small township of Tirau twinkling through gaps in the clouds to the southwest of the crossroads.  Kim and Mike were now slumped forward, hanging relaxed on their seat belts.  After a short time I realized we were moving up underneath a dark object that blocked out a large section of starry sky.  The underside of the huge craft was outlined and dimly lit by ‘flat’ circular lights (rather than radiant ones) which revealed the shape of the craft: pointed at one end, with sloping sides forming an isosceles triangle, with the back end slightly curved like a boomerang.

The black isosceles triangle craft (artist’s impression)

The sphere headed towards a large circular opening at the rear of the craft and manoeuvred our car into what I assume was some kind of energy beam – not a shaft of light, but a visible beam of shimmering coloured energy that now ‘attached’ to the car, drawing it upwards into the craft.  The sphere had ‘unlocked’ itself from our car and descended again into the night, and we rose through the opening into glaringly white surroundings, the car moving forward and lowering onto the floor in a hangar area where other craft were ‘parked’.

My mind now quickly reconnected to the fact I was in familiar surroundings – I had been here before and felt immediately at-home with the entities present.  Three tall Greys waited nearby and one of them opened the car door and released Mike’s seat belt.   He began communicating, greeting me with familiarity and explaining they wished me to accompany them, however they were not expecting a two-door car and I was in the back seat.  He effortlessly levitated Mike’s body, floating him out of the car using the power of his mind, straightening Mike out and lying him down on the floor on his back so I could get out.  Kim remained slumped on her seat belt and leaving my two friends behind, they led me into the craft’s interior.

A lesson in dyadic opposites

We entered a room where a familiar small Grey was waiting and after greeting me he outlined the purpose of this visit: they wished to equip me with a deeper understanding of the power of intent, be it positive or negative – dyadic opposites.

To begin, he instructed me on energies relating to both living organisms and inanimate objects, and illustrated the effects of thought and the power of positive and negative intent on them – how certain influences such as chemicals, toxins, or changes in weather and basic requirements can affect the energy fields of plants.  Humans are already generally aware of these effects.  We examined the frequencies of plants using what I now know to have been 3-D images seemingly hanging in the air. We viewed enhanced images of trees and plants, demonstrating how natural forces such as sun, rain or wind, can alter the energy fields.  Their emissions of energy viewed in 3-D were stunningly beautiful and the Grey emphasised how these energetic frequencies are vitally contributing to the atmosphere we live in every day.  But he also showed how unpleasant circumstances, even certain noises, and in particular human thoughts, can alter the energy fields of plants.  Moving on, we examined disturbing images of these negative effects on many other living creatures on our planet, resulting in disease, deformity, and demise.

Finally, he illustrated the impact of human-initiated negative thought or intent on inanimate objects, and the effect on my emotions was immediate and distressing as I viewed a multitude of objects that we humans endow with terribly damaging negative energy.

We viewed images of guns, bullets, trucks, military tanks etc – a vast range of weapons of warfare.  But the images were not limited to these.  He showed me the machines that make the weaponry, containers they are packed in, the vehicles, aircraft and ships that carry them, and the installations or bases where they are stored – a worldwide military and industrial set-up carrying the energy of negative intent, even before any of the equipment is put to destructive use against our fellow humans.

Even the energetic frequency of the air surrounding all of this was dramatically changed, and the Grey stated this dreadful negative ‘broth’ was affecting millions of people all around the planet, a negative power our species does not fully or adequately comprehend, originating from the human mind and intent.  Conversely, he described how the power of the mind is also capable of transmuting negative energy to positive, and how collective positive intent can influence the mass negative.

He explained the Greys can control their ability to see energy, switching this ability on and off at will, activating the mind and power of intent in ways currently unknown to us.  We examined and practiced the ability to ‘observe’ energy, not only with the physical eye, but with the entire sensory system of the body ‘seeing’ it in unison.  From there the session ended with some personal advice and his comments on the uncertain future of mankind if we continue on our present destructive path.

The descent into mist

 The lesson over, I was quickly returned to the hangar and climbed into the back seat of our car.  One of the entities levitated Mike again, suspending him in mid-air as he arranged Mike’s limbs, reassembling him into a sitting position in mid-air and floating him back into the front seat.

The car lifted, suspended over the exit/entry point, and we begin a long descent in the beam of energy/traction.  As we descended to around 30 metres above the ground, a mist began to form around the car, the motor started and the headlights came on.  The car came to rest on the road and at that point, I believe Kim and Mike ‘woke up’ from their enforced sleep, and I reverted from an altered state of awareness to full cognisance, but without memory of the interaction that had occurred onboard the black triangular craft.

I heard Kim exclaim, ‘Where the hell are we?  I can’t see a bloody thing!’

And suddenly we emerged from the mist into clear surroundings, momentarily confused by the lights we could see below us, and realising they were the lights of Tauranga.  I instinctively knew ‘something’ had happened; my friends however, seemed blissfully unaware of any anomalies at all.

Characteristic mist at the Kaimai summit

Memory ‘melding points’                

This contact incident illustrates how the entities utilised knowledge of local meteorological anomalies to ‘normalise’ the flow of events.  I call these memories associated with the beginning and end of missing time, either ‘natural’ or ‘incongruous’ ‘melding points’.

In this case, often there is a distinct change in weather conditions at the summit of the Kaimai Ranges; wave cloud banks up against the hills on one side and you cross over the summit into the other region, from mist in one district, to clear skies in the other.  This natural factor supported the memory of entering mist at the crossroad (mist created for a purpose, as often described by experiencers/abductees) and emerging from mist on the Tauranga side of the summit (albeit twenty six kilometres further on from the crossroad), and because it was already late at night we were unaware of a time discrepancy.

Alternatively, sometimes in these contacts there may be what I refer to as an incongruous melding point, where for example, the contact experience may begin in daylight and end in darkness, with obvious missing time, all of which is starkly incongruous and does not make sense to the experiencer.

Wave cloud over the Kaimai Ranges

Other anomalies

 How did the Greys know I was traveling that particular road on that night?  It was clearly a planned, personalised contact, rather than a random interaction.  I may have had an implant acting as a locator, a kind of resonator which becomes activated by a signal projected over a large land area to locate the human immediately before arranging the pick-up.  An implant may increase the nervous system’s electrical activity – hence my ‘wired up’ feeling throughout the body prior to the event.

The main point of the contact was for me to learn about the nature of positive and negative energy, and the power of intent.  What I described is consistent with the dyadic property of the universe.  The late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, in his book, The Way of the Explorer, described how for every attribute of the universe, there is a dyadic opposite attribute.  In other words, for there to be good, there must be evil, and for there to be happy, there must be sad.  Balance is the desired state.

 (This article is derived from Chapter 33, Into the Mist, of my book, The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement)