A large, bright bluish/white light descending towards the Peak caught her attention. She watched as it moved around the sky.

1941 – An Early New Zealand Contact Case


Suzy Hansen © 2018


 Increasingly over the last few years, a significant number of senior citizens have approached UFOCUS NZ, wishing to talk about strange experiences that have occurred in their lives that are indicative of contact with extraterrestrials.  It can be difficult for some in these generations to admit to such experiences, but they all felt driven to do so.  Many of them have rarely spoken about their experiences throughout their lives – if at all.  They expressed concerns that are now familiar: fear of ridicule, of being ostracized by family and friends, of suffering from a mental illness.  Others expressed fears that if they divulged their experiences to family members at this later stage of life, they may be deemed to be suffering from some form of age-related dementia or hallucinations.  But all wished to get the experiences off their chests before their lives draw to a close.

Introducing Adair

Margaret Adair Jacobs

Margaret Adair Jacobs (‘Adair’) was 73 years old at the time I interviewed her.  She subsequently passed over peacefully on 9 July 2012, aged 79 years.  Adair was a retired nurse and matron, an artist and a keen gardener – the oldest of ten children – all high achievers.  Her parents were keen for their children to have a broad education and they mixed with people from all walks of life, attended public meetings and educational speeches with their parents, and developed enquiring minds.  She described their father as a declared atheist and an avid humanitarian; their mother was a spiritual-minded person.  Adair married in 1952 and she and her husband had five children.  She qualified as a nurse and worked in both general and psychiatric hospitals.  She participated in various church groups, esoteric and educational groups and attained a Certificate in Adult Teaching in 2001.  Adair had a deep love of her family, music, art, singing, informative reading, and humanity in general.

In her childhood, Adair and her family lived on a farm near the small country village of Havelock North, which lies at the foot of Te Mata Peak, a high craggy hill rising out of the Heretaunga Plains of central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  (‘The Peak’ has long been considered a place of unusual happenings – strange lights, unusual energies, clouds and mists.  Local Maori revere it as a special place and it holds spiritual significance with local tribal groups.)

In 1941, Adair was just 8 years old.  Late one night or in the early hours of the morning, she was lying awake looking out her bedroom window, when she had a strange experience which she remembered vividly.  The experience was to leave a deep impression and have a lasting impact upon her life.

A spherical object

 On this particular evening, Adair was sent to bed as usual; her bedroom curtains remained open, as was often the custom in the countryside in those days.  She recalls not being able to sleep and remained awake long after her parents had retired to bed.  Through her window, Adair looked directly over paddocks towards the Peak beyond and she lay staring out the window opposite, watching the night sky.

A large, bright bluish/white light descending towards the Peak caught her attention.  She watched as it moved around the sky above the Peak, appearing as if it was about to land somewhere on the steep slopes (on that rugged terrain, this would have been impossible for any aircraft of that time, before helicopters).  Adair was curious, wondering what this strange light was, and watched it disappear briefly behind a hill.  Within a very short space of time, the light reappeared, swooped around the Peak and began to descend slowly towards the floor of the valley where Adair lived.  Feeling curious, Adair got out of bed and walked to the window to watch.  To her surprise and fascination, the light descended smoothly and silently to the farm paddock across the road – a spherical, metallic-like object was now floating just above the ground, with bright bluish/white light emanating from what appeared to be windows around the upper third of the sphere.

Almost immediately she saw a small blue light about the size of a soccer ball emerge from the misty glow around the object, and fly rapidly over the paddock and road, towards her bedroom window.  As the light reached the window, she remembered something akin to an explosion taking place both in her head and all around her, although the window was intact; the light expanded into her bedroom, enveloping her.  At the same time, she felt ‘strange’ (a feeling she would later describe as similar to losing consciousness when undergoing an anesthetic procedure) and a strange kind of physical vibration moved through her body.  She could not recall anything further about the incident from that point.

Artists Impression

The next morning Adair recalled seeing the unusual light/object, and with some apprehension, relayed the event to her mother, who reacted by telling her not to make up stories.  She insisted she was telling the truth, but her mother made light of it, passing the event off as a shooting star and assuring her could not have landed in the paddock.  Adair decided to walk over the paddocks to investigate, and was intrigued to find a large circle of swirled and flattened grass where she had seen the light descend the night before.  She raced back inside to tell her mother, who again passed it off by saying that it was probably just flattened grass where a cow had lain down.

This made no sense to Adair, who had been raised on the farm and knew that the large circular area of swirled grass was far too big (and regularly-shaped) for a cow to have lain down on, and besides – there were no cows in that field at the time, indicating her mother did not take her experience seriously. (However, several years later, her parents also observed an unusually bright oscillating light hovering and moving erratically over the Havelock Hills, and recalled their daughter’s earlier sighting experience and description with new interest.)

Re-occurring dreams and pre-cognition

During the two years following this event, Adair recalled sometimes waking during the night feeling that someone had just had an in-depth conversation with her, or had memory of a figure bending over her.  She recalled a ‘visionary experience’ in which she spoke to a group of ‘strange-looking people’ about her future life and ‘promised to work for mankind’.  Adair stated that throughout her childhood, and indeed her whole life, she felt as if someone or something has protected her from harm – even saved her life on occasions when she was guided by a telepathic ‘voice’.

An example of the ‘protection’ Adair spoke of occurred when she was 8 years old (later the same year she saw the unusual object in the paddock).  She had accompanied her father to a farm where he was working and he had warned her not to go near a bank, beyond which was a steep drop with loose unstable ground near the edge.  Adair’s curiosity got the better of her and while her father was busy, she ventured near the edge to have a look.  The ground began to give way beneath her and she panicked and shouted to her father for help.  She remembers falling forward over the edge as if in slow motion, and felt hands take hold of her shoulders and pull her to safety.  Shaken and frightened, she turned around expecting to see her father behind her but there was nobody there; her father was some distance away with his equipment, annoyed with her for disobeying his instructions.

Adair also experienced precognition, and related an instance when she and her husband first met.  Her husband was in the RAF and came to New Zealand in 1949, although she did not meet him until three years later at age 19, yet at age 17 she was able to give a succinct description to her mother, of a man whom she believed she would meet and eventually marry.  Adair said she felt as if she ‘knew’ her husband-to-be the instant she saw him, and they were married in 1952.

Adair described another incident involving clairvoyance/clairaudience that occurred when she was a young mother, five months into her second pregnancy.  She and her young son boarded a bus in the city of Palmerston North and sat in a front seat adjacent to the driver.  They were only just seated when she experienced a strange feeling during which she both ‘heard’ and ‘felt’ a telepathic message simultaneously.  The clear message stated, ‘Don’t sit there – you’ll be seriously injured, if not killed!’  In spite of the bus moving, Adair immediately heeded the warning and they moved to another seat.  Less than five minutes into the journey, the bus was involved in an accident and a large steel pipe pierced the bus window and the seat where they had initially been seated.

Medical issues

Possible implant found in soft tissue

After leaving school, Adair trained to be a general nurse, and later, a psychiatric nurse.  At the age of 31 (1964), she developed a large abscess in the soft frontal tissue of her left ear that the doctor considered serious.  Eventually the abscess burst and continued to drain for about ten days, and she was surprised to find a small object had come out of the infected site.  It was off-white, hard, and bone-like in appearance, although it came from an area where there was no bone tissue.  The tiny object was approximately 5mm long x 2-3mm wide and barrel shaped, with visible regularly marked ridges running around its surface.  There was a protruding point or prong, extending from each end.  Adair had not had any injuries or surgical procedures to her ears or skull, so this was a complete mystery to both Adair and the doctor.

Adair’s drawing of the figures

She described how one evening, when feeling tired as she recovered from the abscess, she went to her bedroom to rest at around 7.30 pm.  While she lay listening to her family talking in the next room, she sensed a presence and upon opening her eyes, was surprised to see two strange beings with wrinkled faces and large black eyes, looking at her.  One was considerably taller than the other.  Her next memory was of suddenly descending into a ‘tunnel’ to a bright place where a small glowing figure met her, took hold of her hands and spoke to her briefly.  She remembered no more until she woke later in the evening.

Family members suggested Adair was hallucinating, having been ill.  However, she was able to describe and draw (in 1964) specific details that we nowadays associate with the features of tall and short ‘Greys’, with lined faces and large black eyes.  Adair felt strongly and intuitively, that the beings she recalled in what may have been an altered state were associated with her childhood sighting.

Corroborative factors

There are some facets of Adair’s 1941 childhood sighting experience that stand out, and which are common factors of many close encounter episodes:

  1. On that night, Adair could not sleep and lay awake staring out the window long after her parents had retired to bed.  While there can be many contributing factors to sleeplessness, similarly, many abductees/experiencers describe feeling ‘wired up’ or restless prior to a contact; on an intuitive level, they sense something is about to happen.
  2. Adair stated she did not feel afraid or move from the window as the smaller ball of light rapidly approached, and nor did she call out to her parents, although one would expect an 8 year old to have done so.  In many close encounter experiences, the target subject appears to be put in an altered state of calm, or a decreased reactionary state, just prior to contact taking place.
  3. Adair described something akin to an ‘explosion’ taking place, both in her head and all around her, as the light surrounded her body.  Experiencers often report hearing a loud clap or explosive sound in or around their head, just prior to the onset of the ‘Oz factor’ (altered state) in which people often report bodily tingling or vibrations and the inability to perform any actions or reactions that would normally be instinctive or intentional.  Adair experienced these symptoms as she stood at her window watching the smaller light approach.  She was ‘rooted to the spot’ and recalled physical vibrations moving through her body and she felt strange, as when one is losing consciousness.
  4. Adair had no recollection of what happened next; there was no closure to the event.  Instead, there was that all-too-familiar blank, leaving the person guessing as to what might have taken place.  She had no recollection of seeing the spherical light/object depart from the paddock and equally no recollection of getting back into her bed.


 Following discussions with Adair, it seems to me that her accounts, descriptions and drawings are indicative of contact experiences, with many of the commonly associated anomalous events and intuitive abilities described by experiencers/abductees.

 It is my opinion we will witness a significant increase in reports of historic contact experiences from the older generations in the coming years, and this will bring a sense of reality to the extraterrestrial and non-human intelligence contact arena.  They will be parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, with a wealth of family, community and work experience behind them, and their word and experiences will be difficult to refute when presented en masse as the subject opens up and becomes accepted by the general public.

In my book, The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, I describe Three Waves of souls incarnating on our planet for the last 100+ years, here to assist our evolution.  The First Wave, which I believe Adair could have been part of, has come here to ‘enlighten us – to challenge the norm.  Many have deep spiritual understandings and are involved in such pursuits as environmental groups, healing, art and music, but at the same time, many are free spirits and futuristic thinkers, and this can be isolating.

Adair’s family’s obituary for her stated, ‘Her philosophies were beyond her time’.

As many experiencers of contact describe, Adair exhibited a strong sense of purpose throughout her life and a desire to be of help to others, which she performed in her career as a nurse and matron, and in her spiritual pursuits and groups.  She recalled a profound visionary experience that occurred in childhood in which she promised to work for mankind.

Adair felt driven to explore spiritual perspectives on life, and was involved in spiritual healing and the development of psychic abilities.  In her later years she wrote a booklet, a collection of her personal research into such topics as energy, frequency, telepathy, intelligence, astronomy, light, nature, art, God and Spirit – to name a few.  She considered her search for answers to her experiences to be an ongoing investigation and an opportunity for learning and opening to new paradigms.