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Suzy Hansen
Suzy Hansen Founder

Suzy has had a career in school teaching, and in Grief Counselling. She has been involved in UFO research and sighting investigations for 40 years, and saw her first UFO at age 8. In 2000, she founded the UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ), a nationwide organisation. She has interviewed and communicated with thousands of people who have had UFO sightings, close encounters, and metaphysical/paranormal experiences. Suzy lectures nationally and internationally at meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops about New Zealand UFO sightings and her own alien contact encounters and interaction experiences, as well as spiritual and metaphysical topics. She has featured in internet intereviews, radio, TV, newspaper/magazine interviews and documentaries, including 60 Minutes. She writes regular articles for the UFO Truth Magazine, UK, and other magazines.

Suzy is the author of, The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement (2014), outlining her contact experiences since childhood (and earlier) taking place onboard craft, and a complex positive alien agenda to advance mankind. Her book also covers her experiences of telepathy, animal communication, pre-cognition, life-between-lives, out-of-body experiences, spirit communication, and more. She has worked with contactees, abductees and experiencers in a support and assistance capacity since 1978, and founded the Bay of Plenty Abduction Support Network, NZ, in 1989 (now superseded by communicatorlink).

As Director of UFOCUS NZ, she lobbied the New Zealand Chief of Defence Forces during 2009-10, for the release of the NZ Ministry of Defence UFO files, which occurred in 2010 and 2011. UFOCUS NZ has a special interest in pilot/aviation/military UFO sightings. Her focus for the last decade has been on encouraging members of the scientific community to participate in examining the wealth of science-related detail contained in (1) the accounts of human interactions with non-human intelligences and species, consciousness, and our connections with other worlds and realities, and, (2) aspects of UFO sighting investigation data relating to technology and physics.

Suzy believes one of the major issues facing mankind in the future will be open contact with other civilisations in the Universe. In the meantime, there is much to be learnt from humans who have already made this tremendous leap in consciousness, and who have witnessed the vast array of potential benefits available to mankind and our environment through such associations.

• UFOCUS NZ’s UFO sightings website: ufocusnz
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Bryan Dickeson BA, BSc (Australia/New Zealand)
Bryan Dickeson BA, BSc (Australia/New Zealand)

Bryan has had a career in science (working for the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), and in a wide range of financial IT environments as a senior technical writer and consultant.

Bryan’s parents, the late Fred and Phyllis Dickeson (both ex RNZAF during World War 2) developed an active interest in ‘flying saucers’ during 1954 – a subject which also greatly attracted Bryan’s attention.  (They ran a New Zealand network that collected, investigated and distributed UFO reports.)  Bryan contributed to editions of their SATCU Journal and Xenolog

He has continued his work in the UFO sighting investigation field in both New Zealand and Australia for over forty years, serving as President of UFO Research New South Wales (UFOR NSW) from 1996 to 2001.  He has compiled a field manual for UFO sighting investigators, and is currently compiling (in electronic format) a database of historic New Zealand UFO sightings based on his parents’ archival material.

During the 1977-1980 Gisborne (NZ) UFO flap, Bryan was actively involved in sighting investigation and became interested in accounts emerging from witnesses, of missing time and alleged anomalous contact with entities.  As a hypnotherapist, Bryan conducted hypnosis sessions with some of these witnesses, providing the first record of such contact events in New Zealand.  Bryan has continued this research work, and assisting experiencers/abductees to investigate and assimilate their contact experiences.

Dr. Rudy Schild (USA)
Dr. Rudy Schild (USA)

Rudy Schild is an Emeritus career astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cosmology.  From this position he is aware of the latest developments in the frontiers of knowledge of the nature and history of our Universe. His own observational studies of Black Hole (MECO) structure and microlensing studies of distant quasars have shown that the ordinary matter of the Universe remains dark because of its collapse into a vast network of planets formed in the early history of the Universe.  From these primordial gas structures star formation came at the end of a chain of hierarchical accumulation and build-up, so that it is almost certain that all stars have a full solar system of planets, comets, and asteroids, as potential abodes of life.  Thus it seems inevitable that life exists throughout the Universe.

Because our own solar system is quite young, other civilizations must have emerged and become much more advanced than our own. Therefore, it is unscientific to fail to explore all possibilities that such life is aware of our mankind, and is even concerned for our well-being, having faced extinction dangers of its own.

Dr. Schild has explored the accounts of individuals who describe their alien contact, both to learn more of the nature and purpose of the Universe, and to jump-start mankind’s deeper understanding of the physical laws and the advanced technologies described.  This exploration leads to deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of life, with ultimate understanding of the Creator and of the Creation.

Dr. Schild’s website

Sheryl Gottschall (Australia)
Sheryl Gottschall (Australia)

Sheryl has been an active UFO investigator since 1988 and currently serves as the President of UFO Research Queensland (UFORQ), based in Brisbane, Australia. since that time she has interviewed thousands of people who have reported UFO sightings and close encounters, from all around Australia. She is a practicing clinical hypnotherapist, and she established the first close encounter support group in Brisbane in 1992 and has facilitated three groups since then.  Shery incorporates a variety of modalities in her practice, including art and colour therapy, meditation, and past life regression therapy.

She is also the public relations officer for UFORQ and regularly takes part in media interviews, as well is writing for a wide range of UFO and new-age magazines. Sheryl speaks publicly on the UFO subject at community groups and meetings, conferences and seminars.  She co-authored the UFORQ investigator training manual and is one of the course trainers.

She has had a range of paranormal experiences including a close encounter with ‘Grey’ aliens, a near-death experience, UFO sightings, out-of-body experiences, and a bi-location experience.  Before entering into the field of UFO research she studied near-death experiences for a decade. In 2012 she established the Afterlife Discussions Group which explores death and dying experiences, afterlife communication, and the afterlife. Her current research focuses on a connection between close encounters and near-death experiences.

Sheryl’s website is: Bodylight