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1941 – An Early New Zealand Contact Case

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A large, bright bluish/white light descending towards the Peak caught her attention. She watched as it moved around the sky. 1941 - An Early New Zealand Contact Case   Suzy Hansen © 2018 Background  Increasingly over the last few years, a significant number of senior citizens have approached UFOCUS NZ, wishing to talk about strange experiences that have occurred in their lives that are indicative of contact with extraterrestrials.  It can be difficult for some in these generations to admit to such experiences, but they all felt driven to do so.  Many of them have rarely spoken about their experiences throughout their lives – if at all.  They expressed concerns that are now familiar: fear of ridicule, of being ostracized by family and friends, of suffering from a mental illness.  Others expressed fears that if they divulged their experiences to family members at this later

The Muriwai Beach Encounter

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"Looking up, I saw a bright cylindrical object.  I thought to myself, this is going to be massive news, and instantly knew it was something not from Earth." The Muriwai Beach Encounter A Daytime Sighting of a White Cylindrical Object leads to Paranormal/Contact Experiences   Suzy Hansen © 2016 Background During 2011-2016, a significant number of UFO sightings of large silver/white cylindrical objects have occurred in New Zealand.  Witnesses described tubular, torpedo, or cigar-shaped cylinders with rounded ends, sometimes surrounded by a white or blue-green glow, or with flashing blue-green lights and a single red light on the under-surface.  Several witnesses reported daytime sightings of the objects emerging from unusual clouds that initially formed around a large bright light. The subject of this account, Lisa Goldsack, is an advanced medic, and is currently completing a Paramedicine degree.  As a paramedic, Lisa deals with emergency situations where

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