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Bryan Dickeson & Dr Rudy SchildVideo/Audio Interviews & Speeches

Karen Swain (Aust) interviews Suzy Hansen, (NZ) about the THREE WAVES of volunteer souls to planet Earth, part of a positive ET agenda for human advancement.  April 2020.

Ladies of the Greys.  Yanick Aumond (CAN) of Experiencers Meet, interviews Suzy Hansen (NZ), Judy Carroll (AUST), and Sherry Wilde (USA) about their lifelong contacts with ET species.  April 2020.

Dave Scott, Spaced Out Radio, (CAN), talks with Suzy Hansen, on NZ UFO sightings, her own contact experiences, and a multitude of controversial topics.  April 2020

UFO Research Queensland.  Suzy Hansen, on Advanced Alien Technology she has observed onboard craft, with corroborative evidence from scientists & other experiencers.  August 2018.

Suzy Hansen presents to UFO Denmark.  Pt 1: Suzy’s views on issues concerning experiencers.  Pt 2:  Alien medical technology Suzy has observed on craft.  March 2020.

UFO Research Queensland.  Suzy Hansen: Why we Should Take UFO Sightings Seriously.  Pt 1: Voices of the Witnesses.  Pt 2:  Geophysical Connections to NZ UFO Sightings.  September 2019.

Kerry Walker of talks with Suzy Hansen about her early contact experiences, game-changing moments in her life, and the changing face of contact.  Sept 2019.

The Soul – Our Intimate Connection to ET.  Timo Tahvanainen of RTV Finland interviews NZ experiencer Suzy Hansen in Helsinki, on ET contact and spirituality/consciousness.  August 2018.

Exopolitics Sydney.  Suzy Hansen reveals advanced alien technology she has observed on craft; corroborative evidence from scientists and other experiencers.  September 2018.

Suzy Hansen presents to the Alien Cosmic Expo, Toronto, Canada.  Suzy discusses the Three Waves, dual souls, telepathy and the environment onboard craft.  June 2017.

Suzy Hansen presents to UFO Research Queensland.    Alien technology, experiencers’ corroborative drawings, information and evidence.  September 2018.

COAST-TO-COAST.  George Knapp interviews Suzy Hansen, with Dr. Rudy Schild (USA), Emeritus Astrophysicist, Harvard Centre for Astrophysics, about Suzy’s contact experiences.  2015

The LEAK PROJECT interviews Suzy Hansen, NZ, about her book “The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”, and her experiences of contact.  July 2016.

How complex alien programmes are secretly advancing humankind.  Suzy Hansen presents at the UFO Truth Conference, Holmfirth, UK.  September 2015

Moon Mars Space TV.  Thomas Mikey Scroder Jensen (DK) and Dollie Leanne Deeming (UK)  interview Suzy Hansen, Director of UFOCUS NZ Research Network.  March 2017.

Nature of Reality Radio talks with Suzy Hansen about her 43 year involvement in UFO/contact research and sighting investigations.  “Looking at the UFO and Contact Phenomena In A Spiritual Way.”   March 2017.

Suzy Hansen is interviewed by Exopolitics Denmark, in Copenhagen at the Denmark Exopolitics Conference.  An information-packed and insightful interview.  September 2015.

Suzy Hansen is interviewed on Info2rail.  Contact experiences, telepathy, consciousness, learning environment on craft and more.  February 2016.

#61 The AMMACH Files Radio Show, with Joanne Summerscales.  Suzy Hansen shares insightful information regarding her relationship with off-world mentors, and what humanity can learn from this kind of contact.  December 2015.

PT 1 of Suzy Hansen’s presentation to UFORQ, Australia.  Suzy presents information on the “dual soul” education on craft, earth changes, nuclear issues, warnings from the ETs, spirituality etc.  April 2015.

PT 2 of Suzy Hansen’s presentation to UFORQ, Aust.  Suzy speaks about her book, “The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for human Advancement”, and details some of her extraordinary experiences on-board craft.  April 2015.

Suzy Hansen lectures to the Exopolitics Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Suzanne introduces aspects of her contact experiences, as outlined in her book, “The Dual Soul – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”.  September 2015.

Exopolitics Sydney.  Suzy Hansen describes the deeper soul connections we have with each other, which experiencers also share with ET species, steps involved in preparing for this life, soul enhancement, and incarnation. 2015.

Suzy Hansen presents in Sydney, Australia, 2007.  Suzy reveals her knowledge of the “Three Waves” of volunteer souls incarnating on this planet over a number of decade to assist with Earth’s evolution on all levels.  June 2007.

EXCERPT from Suzy Hansen’s speech in Sydney, Aust, 2007, presenting for the first time, an outline of the “Three Waves” of volunteer souls to planet Earth, and the alien agenda outlined to her from age 8 onboard craft.  June 2007.

Exopolitics TV.  Suzanne Hansen and Alfred Webre discuss the human soul and Grey ETs.  2014.

Awake and Empowered TV with Ethann: The alien agenda for human advancement, with Suzy Hansen.  2016.

(In German)  Suzy Hansen in ALIEN TECHNOLOGIE was entfuhrte berchten.  Robert Fleischer of Exopolitik Germany introduces Suzy’s speech on “Alien Technology”.  2015.

Experiencers/researchers Suzy Hansen (NZ) and Sheryl Gottschall (AUST), discuss “The Oz factor”, a much-reported aspect of alien/UFO contact.  2020.

Why We Got into UFO Research!  Suzy Hansen and Sheryl Gottschall talk about their early forays into UFO research, and the events that catapulted them into becoming UFO sighting investigators and researchers.  September 2019.

Strange Encounters Downunder: Animal Mysteries.  Sheryl Gottschall and Suzy Hansen discuss yowies, Bigfoot, spirit animals, Aboriginal & Maori mythological creatures, & cryptid reports.  October 2019.

Strange Encounters Downunder:  Sheryl Gottschall and Suzy Hansen dive deep into the many strange encounters of everyday people as they explore UFOs, healing, mediumship, and all things paranormal.  September 2019.

Sheryl Gottschall and Suzy Hansen.  Until recently, many have believed that we are alone in the universe. But what if there is a formal acknowledgement by the world’s governments, of an alien presence?  Will it shake our human culture to its very core?  What will happen post disclosure?

Grant Cameron interviews Suzy Hansen.  Alien Technology: The Scanner Machine.  Suzy describes a specific piece of medical technology she has observed on craft, which can scan inside the body. January 2018.

Suma Gouda interviews Suzy Hansen.  The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and UFOs.

“60 Minutes” TV3 documentary on NZ (and worldwide) UFO sightings, including Suzy Hansen & UFOCUS NZ staff / NZ UFO sighting witnesses.