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The ‘New Physics’ of Light, Consciousness and Alien Technology: Part Two – Intelligent Light

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The light in the room was intense; figures took on a silvery-white look, illuminated in brightness. The ‘New Physics’ of Light, Consciousness and Alien Technology: Part Two: ‘Intelligent’ Light   Introduction: Alien Quantum Technology  In Part One, Functional Light, we looked at examples of reported alien technologies involving ‘new physics’ of light, concentrating on functional, utilitarian light onboard craft.  In Part Two, we examine examples of 1) consciousness manifesting as light and 2) alien technologies involving light and ‘new physics’, combined with consciousness as the key interactive and operative mechanism. Dr. Rudy Schild, contributor to my book, The Dual Soul Connection, refers to this as “alien quantum technology”: “In my view, the needed technologies (technologies described by experiencers) are intimately involved in quantum effects that are in most cases related to consciousness.” Many experiencers report using and observing technologies on alien craft that function only when

The ‘New Physics’ of Light, Consciousness and Alien Technology: Part One – Functional Light

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New Physics’ describes utilitarian forms of alien light observed on craft, glimpses of potential scientific advances that could benefit mankind The 'New Physics' of Light, Consciousness and Alien Technology: Part One: Functional Light  Suzy Hansen, with Dr. Rudy Schild © 2015 Introduction: Let there be Light! (NB. – ‘Communicators’ is terminology used to denote those who have conscious memories of interacting with alien entities/non-human species.)  For over sixty years now, experiencers of alien contact worldwide have described phenomenal alien technology they have witnessed on-board craft, most of which can only be described as ‘magical’ given our current understanding of physics.  Initially, much of this information was disregarded as vivid imagination, or old science was used to (mis)interpret this new material.  Mankind can only imagine what more advanced alien intelligence has already mastered. Throughout the last twenty years I have proposed that communicators work with scientists to

The Muriwai Beach Encounter

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"Looking up, I saw a bright cylindrical object.  I thought to myself, this is going to be massive news, and instantly knew it was something not from Earth." The Muriwai Beach Encounter A Daytime Sighting of a White Cylindrical Object leads to Paranormal/Contact Experiences   Suzy Hansen © 2016 Background During 2011-2016, a significant number of UFO sightings of large silver/white cylindrical objects have occurred in New Zealand.  Witnesses described tubular, torpedo, or cigar-shaped cylinders with rounded ends, sometimes surrounded by a white or blue-green glow, or with flashing blue-green lights and a single red light on the under-surface.  Several witnesses reported daytime sightings of the objects emerging from unusual clouds that initially formed around a large bright light. The subject of this account, Lisa Goldsack, is an advanced medic, and is currently completing a Paramedicine degree.  As a paramedic, Lisa deals with emergency situations where

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